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2/16/2007 8:07 PM

Okay, so all this week, starting Saturday,  I'm finally adding new pictures and video to the BinkyBunny Galley.  Some of you sent me pictures a long time ago, and I am sorry it has taken me so long.   I didn't want to add any pictures until our new gallery format proved to work well.   But don't worry, they will be up soon. I'll let you know when the gallery has been updated with the pictures you sent.

For those of you that want to add your cutie pies to the gallery, gather your best pictures together and send them on over j-  just address it to info@ (with the binkybunny domain name) I don't want to post a full email in the post as this is how some netbots capture email addresses for spam purposes.   

Make sure to put "PHOTOS" in the subject line, or they could get lost in the general mailbox, and include your user name in the email. Please no more than 10 pictures as it makes it almost impossible for me to get through everyone's in a reasonable amount of time.   Just send over your favorites   And if you don't have pictures yet, this is a great time to dust off the digital camera and look at the gallery to see what area they would fit in best.

Also, if you have a funny or cute video, you can just give me the link to where you have it like on, youtube, google video etc, if you don't have it placed anywhere then just email me,and I'll give information so you can store it on on my FTP site, which then I can grab it from to put in the gallery (you don't have to be computer savvy, I'll help you)