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Last Post by Anita Stark at 2/09/2007 2:58 AM (8 Replies)
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2/06/2007 6:50 PM
At least I'm pretty sure that's what Felony thought today. I decided to expose him to some new veggies. He wasn't too interested in the rosemary I got for him. In fact he just turned and hoped away from me indignitly...But then I brought out the dandelion greens. Needless to say I think he attempted to eat his weight in greens and then he licked my face for a solid 5 minutes...So basically I'm the best Human ever!! What treats make your buns love you even more?

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Los Altos, California
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2/06/2007 7:12 PM
Mmmmmm dandies are pretty good stuff.  My guys like them a lot too.  I think their favorite greens are carrot tops.  Radish tops are a big hit too.  They also really like when I cut a black berry branch from the backyard and give it to them to chew on.  They eat the leaves, stems and even the thorns!

Levadeia, Greece
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2/07/2007 3:00 AM
Aftias will lick me anyway! But he looooves his everyday parsley!
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2/07/2007 8:33 AM
Aww I wish my bunnies would lick me. Once I tried to put my hand under her nose as a submission but she nipped me instead.

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2/07/2007 10:12 AM
^^poopy don't worry.. your buns aren't the only ones.. Lilly gets super offended if i put my hand in front of, or under her nose.. she freaks! whips her head around and then lunges at me with nails! eep!
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Campbell, CA
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2/07/2007 2:31 PM
yes - dandies are a big hit at my house and so is the occasional treat of kale :-)
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2/08/2007 5:58 PM
Cassy loves a mix of cilantro, basil, and parsley =) 
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2/08/2007 11:17 PM
Posted By poopy on 02/07/2007 10:33 AM
Aw I wish my bunnies would lick me. Once I tried to put my hand under her nose as a submission but she nipped me instead.

Actually that is considered a dominant move in bunnyland.   Only dominate bunnies push their faces under the other to tell the other -  "Groom me!"      There are more submissive behaviors that mimic that though.   Submissive bunnies may put their head down near the dominant bunny.  And to us, it can look almost identical.   The two main differences are how the body is positioned and how close the head is to the other rabbit.

A submissive rabbit's body will be hunched up, more ready to jump away, and her head will be down but not pushing so much forward.    While  a dominant bunny who is requesting to be groomed will push her head underneath the the other bunny's chin, and her body will be more stretched out.

Now these rules can easily be put aside once bunnies are great friends and IF they both don't care about their roles anymore.  Then they can both request grooming, and both will offer.  Sometimes bunnies even start off that way, but usually then dominance will be established another way.

Bailey will give me licks if I put  my hand underneath hers, but not for long.   And Rucy, well she gets on her boxing gloves if I pull that trick on her.  No measly human is going to get groomed from her!  Jack gets stressed if I do that. I think he thinks I am going to challenge him, and he doesn't want that.



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Ontario, Canada
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2/09/2007 2:58 AM
Life with Sable is just one big licking fest.  He starts licking my hand any time it goes near him.  When I'm laying on the couch he comes up and licks the end of my nose or the top of my forehead.  The other day he licked the back of my upper arm, he is so lucky I'm not ticklish because I almost jumped out of my skin but managed to think of him first and keep myself from moving too quickly.
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