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2/02/2007 7:45 AM

OK so last November I treated myself to some Red or Dead knee high boots,  I absolutley loved them. 

Anyway to stop Booboo ( AKA Houdini) getting upstairs we bought a stair gate, which worked great after a few modifications.  Everyday without fail she goes to the gate to check if we've forgotten to shut it (which sometimes we still do) and rattles the gate - just to make sure!

I've taken to putting my shoes/boots on the stairs as Booboo had chewed the top of a pair of my boots when they were left in the hallway. (they were just old boots - so not a problem)  I thought they were safe on the stairs, until one day just before christmas i went to let my friend out of the front door to find that Booboo had been to check the stair gate and found that she could reach my new boots!!!! she'd pulled them down and chewed the leg part!! Luckily it was quite neat (as chew marks go)and round the inside so not too noticeable...I nearly cried (they were not cheap) but I couldn't do much about it by then!  My best friend consoled me and that was that.   New rule to make sure all boots were left out of reach.

Today I was in a hurry and took off a pair of boots (from Tesco's so not overly expensive) and left them in the hall...... I heard Booboo in the hall shaking the gate and thought no more of it until I came to go out later.... went to find my lovely (but a bit chewed) designer boots, only to find that she had managed to pull them down again and chewed the other boot!!! and just to make sure i couldn't wear them EVER again she'd chewed the zip completely off the first one chewed!!!!!!! (can't even wear them under jeans now)

BUT the cheaper pair left in the hallway remained un-chewed!!!! So I can only presume that Booboo has VERY expensive taste!!! and is the equivelant to a WAG 


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2/02/2007 10:33 AM

Your bunny has expensive taste!! Literally!       

I have a funny shoe story to share - not animal related but funny none the less. One of my best friends, who loves shoes, would be very distraught in your situation!   She loves shoes so much that when she gets a really great new pair, the very first night she will actually sleep with them as if they were a  teddy bear.  It makes me laugh!!   Maybe that's why she doesn't have animal companions though.  Seems as if her shoes are her pets.

I'm sorry to hear about your boots.   Some of my favorite jeans and  a pair of shoes(not expensive though)  fell victim to incisor slashing too.   I also learned to keep clothes off the floor.  

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2/04/2007 9:01 PM
oo nooo :-(

ooo our bunnies love to eat boots too. i've lost 2 pairs and my hubby has lost several too! I've learned my lesson, but my hubby still tempts the bunny fates and leaves his out.. our bunnies will eat faux leather, but ignore real leather.
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2/05/2007 5:24 PM
I feel your pain.  Pepper got at a pair of granny boots after I'd only worn them once!  most of the damage is on one, with little nips over most of the foot and the covering chewed off half of the heel.  I glued the holes with craft cement and disguised them with shoe polish, and actually spray-painted the heel, so I can still wear them with pants at least.

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2/06/2007 6:18 AM
Fujoe LOVES leather.. it's really odd. I have no idea why.

I have a pair of Aldo leather boots that go almost to my knees that Fujoe loves to pull on the laces. My boyfriend's army jumping boots Fujoe just can't keep his teeth off of. He ended up building a shoe rack for the hallway so we didn't track snow, ice and salt all over the house and Fujoe somehow figured out how to pull some of the shoes down..

A few months ago I bought a pair of cowboy boots (marked down 75%!!). One was the display model (that's what I get for having a size 5 foot) so it was more banged up than the other. So I put them on and was walking around the apartment with them- I mean I love that feeling you get when you wear shoes for the first time.. ahh.... and I went up to Fujoe and said "Fujoe, do you like my new shoes?" He went up and bit the one boot that was more worn and hopped away. I have two fairly large lines on them now. I wished he would have gone to the other boot.. but noo... so now my good shoes stay away from the bunny..

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Los Altos, California
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2/06/2007 7:18 AM
Our bunny DJ really enjoys shoe laces too.  He has a really annoying habit of grabbing your lace, untying your sneaker and then running away.

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2/08/2007 12:35 PM
Ummm...If my Felony ate my shoes we would probably have a huge fight...I think he understand this because he has never been interested in my shoes (knock on wood) only my law books (which are more expensive than my shoes...but alas)