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12/31/2006 10:45 AM
What are yours?  What was yours last year and how did that work out?

Last years for me was to find a more peaceful existence.   Or at least learn how to be less stressed even under stressful situations.  Wow, now that is tough!  But since this was the same resolution I had the year before, I actually have had two years to work on it.    So things are working out in that department, I'll just continue on with that.

But I'm adding a new new year's resolution.  GET IN SHAPE!  I used to ski, hike, mountain bike etc.  I have always loved doing those things, and did them up until a couple of years ago because even though I love them, I am terribly uncoordinated, and usually fall.  I think I try too hard too fast, but mostly I'm just a klutz.

 Anyway, After two knee surgeries, one that replaced my acl and some muscle repair, and some other torn something or other. (from skiing fiascos), and then the new dumb insurance would only cover $25 dollars of Physical Therapy (eh over $125 bucks a session, 3 times a week for 6 - 8 weeks, I couldn't keep up).    And then not working out, makes me crave lumpy making foods, and what do ya know, I got all lumpified.   Boy, I don't remember this stuff piling on so quickly in my 20's.  EVIL 30's!!!

I don't need to be a skinny model, I just want to mountain bike and hike and ya know, just get back on the saddle again! So that's my new years resolution.  Eat right, and exercise more so I can do the fun things I like - but be more careful at it.