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12/12/2006 3:16 AM

Hey guys, just introducing myself. My name's Abi and I have two beautiful bunnies. Came across the website when I was very bored at work and decided to google my rabbit, Binky lol. My other little bundle of fluff is called Bella, I've only had her a week and the bonding process between them is going to be ongoing for the forseeable future (not a good first meeting!)

Anyway, thats me and my little family and I'll be sure to take a look around outside of works time and start posting elsewhere...

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12/12/2006 6:04 AM
well welcome. Let me know how that bonding thing goes as I am considering pairing up my mini rex but too scared to do it!

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12/12/2006 6:39 AM
hi bunny_mummy,

Welcome Abi!   We're delighted you've joined the community. Many of us have been through bonding bunnys too. I have a bonded pair who had an easy time of things and a single spoiled princess who won't bond with anybunny! It can be kinda stressful, but in the long run is usually very rewarding.  If you look through the forums you'll see some posts and discussions about bonding.  You may also find this article helpful:
~ bunny mom to to HRH Hareiette, Viktor the crazy Krum and Pandora, prima binky ballerina ~ Save a life, Adopt!

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12/16/2006 9:46 PM

Welcome Bunny_Mummy!  

What happened duiring the first introduction?  Did you introduce them in a neutral territory? 

Are they both spayed?  

If one or both are aggressive towards each other, you might try the stressing method - take them on a car ride first. 

I'm not sure what you know about bonding so I won't overload you with stuff you may already know,

Just let us know what you've done so far and what you know about the bonding process, and then we can fill in the blanks. 



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