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This ones more for grown ups because you use a light bulb, light bulb = glass and glass = be very careful, please be very careful, I don't want Bam or BinkyBunny banging on my door, shaking their fists saying you have been cut. a special one for our babies.

This ones cool,

I have found the best ones that don't need hot glue, always use scissors not knives (Oh don't I know about that, BIG silly mistake.) and use the right tools they show you to use, also when you have finished with the tools make sure they are put away safely and always tell a parent what you are up too so they know you have the tools, maybe they will help you.

Safety is the best thing when you do Arts and Crafts, use tools correctly, its more fun.

If the links don't work just copy them from www. I am aware that some links don't work if you use https in other countries.

If you make any of these please show them, I won't be doing the light bulb one until my partner is here to keep an eye on me because I'm nearly blind, have safe fun if you make these and enjoy.

I love my assistant Bunny, he is so precious.