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There have been some misinterpretations about why BB moderators lock threads, so I want to clear this up in order to be as transparent as possible with the BB community. I also want to let everyone know that we do appreciate your feedback and what are the best ways to communicate that feedback to myself or other BB moderators.

BB moderators constantly receive valuable suggestions from our members - one was to lock threads that are just not going anywhere (e.g Possible trolling or a member receiving advice, but ignoring all respectful advice).The locked thread would include a comment of why it was locked, and offer some information if needed.   NOTE:The last post just before we lock the thread may have nothing to do with the reason the thread was locked. It may just be the timing of when we decided to lock the thread for review. 

We liked this idea and started implementing it. Since implementing this, we’ve found it works, not only for threads which have reached a dead-end, but also discussions which become arguments and veer off-topic. We want all threads on BB forums to have some sort of benefit, whether it’s towards rabbit care or general recreation for our members. When we perceive this is not happening, we will take action.

This method is not completely effective though. Problems arise when we are not able review a post fast enough and truly evaluate the situation.  Leaders volunteer their time and unfortunately, cannot monitor the forums 24/7. We are in many different time zones, and we take the time to discuss opinions  from the team and BB members who are messaging us— and this takes time. During these deliberating periods, we will temporary lock the thread. Temporary lock does not always mean the thread will be permanently locked.  It just means we need time….and we need your patience.

I understand you may not fully agree with our decisions. If you have any concerns, message BB moderators directly. This ensures we really hear your particular issue, and it gives us the time to respond directly before a thread spirals. A public thread of complaints can come from just the most vocal users and disagreements within that thread may happen, leading to counterproductiveness. Not everyone wants to be part of a heated engagement, but that means their voices are never heard. By messaging us, we can make sure your voice is heard and your opinion is fully taken into account.  

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