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10/04/2006 11:45 PM
Hi everyone!   Welcome to the new area just to have fun and goof around, show off bunny pics, ask fun questions, or anything that doesn't fit in any other section.  And that includes just plain 'ol chat and it doesn't have to be about bunnies, as many times we all get to gabbing - like what's the weather like in your part of the world, etc, etc, etc.

So I'll start with a question:

What do you normally have for breakfast?

My answer:

Usually just a bowl of some healthy..ish cereal and diet pepsi.  I know that is horrible, but I need the caffiene, and I don't like coffee, and I use tea to relax.   I can't eat a huge breakfast because my stomach doesn't really wake up until about two hours after I do.

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10/05/2006 12:35 AM
I don't really eat a "real" breakfast either. I usually have a diet coke and share an apple with Merlin.

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10/05/2006 1:09 PM
Lets see for breakfast I have 2 cups of coffee Im not much of a breakfast eater and being I have a 2 year old Im on the run right away. So caffeine is usually my way to wake up.
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10/05/2006 6:42 PM
OOOPSS!     If you tried to post to the lounge, it wouldn't allow you to.  It is now fixed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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10/06/2006 3:31 AM
I try to have some breakfast every morning but, like you, my stomach often doesn't want anything until an hour or two after I get up.  Still I try to have a slice of toast with some peanut butter on it.  Some mornings I just grab a spoon and have the peanut butter.

Dh insists on having porridge every morning.  He leaves a bowl on the counter with the oatmeal in it before he goes to bed and just adds water and nukes it when he gets up.  The other day I gave him a start though.. I get up before him during the week and I decided to have myself some porridge. 

I made a bowl for myself and finished it just in time for my morning snugglefest with Sable.  I put the bowl in the sink fully intending to wash it, then went to get Sable (he gets restless if I don't get him at the same time every day ).   By the time I finished my morning cuddle with the bunny I was running late and forgot all about the bowl.  When dh called me at work I apologized for leaving a dirty dish .. he was relieved .. he thought he might have forgotten eating one bowl and had a second!!!  He even thought he felt fuller than usual.

What next?  I might eat his bowl of porridge one morning and see if he thinks he already ate it
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10/07/2006 12:15 AM
i have a bowl of all-bran and a coffee. very dull but its the only cereal that doesnt leave me wanting to eat everything in sight an hour later! i think my bunnies have a much more interesting diet than i do!

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10/07/2006 9:32 AM
well i usually have 2 strawberry eggos + a cup of coffee for school days, and on days off i have usually some chocolate chip cookies + coffee. i always wonder how people can stomache eggs+sausage type breakfeasts so early in the day!

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Houston, TX
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10/07/2006 2:24 PM
i never eat breakfast....

i wake up with just enough time to get ready and drive to school. so i usually dont end up eating until sometime in the afternoon around 1 or 2. But the past few weeks I've been so busy I forget to eat sometimes until late at nite, and then I had a weird week last week, where I couldnt even get out of bed until 2 or 3 in the afternoon because I was so tired! I ended up skipping a week of school because of that. I only go to school two days out of the week though.

I really need to change my eating habits.

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Houston, TX
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10/07/2006 2:26 PM
All my friends say my bunnies eat better than I do because I always worry about making sure they have good food to eat. Especially since I dont have a job at the moment and my money is sloowwly dwindling yet I always make sure they have their veggies even if I dont really get a chance to eat! haha!

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10/08/2006 9:00 PM
hurrah for the new forum!

I'm like new_obsession and my bunnies eat way better than I do! My stomach also doesn't wake up until after I'm up a few hours - so I eat breaky on the late side. On weekdaysn I get into work around 8, but don't eat until 10ish. I'll have coffee & oatmeal or toast usually.
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1/20/2007 9:53 AM
I just have taost on the week days but on week ends who knows I have all kinds of stuff

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San Francisco
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1/21/2007 9:55 PM
Let's see, I usually have one cup of black coffee when I get up. Sometimes I'll have a second cup if I have time and a piece of toast with peanut butter on it. If I'm feeling healthy, I'll have a cup of coffee and a protein shake with a banana ( of course Noble gets some of the banana as well ).

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Chicago, IL
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1/22/2007 8:04 AM
does only coffee count? Cause that's what I have- black coffee..

I"m starting to eat yogurt and granola for breakfest now... trying to be healthy.

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Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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1/22/2007 11:02 AM
wow, black coffee...thats a little too tough for me..i have WHITE coffee (white from the unhealthy creamer that i drown my coffee in ) and usually i eat a couple of the bun's carrots..they told me they don't appreciate that and I need to get my own breakfast