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11/08/2012 4:04 PM

So I got Patches around a month ago and so far her and the cat haven't come into any close contact, besides sniffing through bars just to get used to new smells. They did that at first but now they sort of ignore each other if the cat comes in my room. My cat is a good size larger than the rabbit. More background info on the cat: My grandparents found an abandoned litter and I got to keep one. His mother was feral, the father probably feral too. They were way too young to be away from Mom and when I took Space, the kitten I chose, we didn't realize that he should have socialized with his siblings for a while. Long story short, he is a bit aloof, likes to kill ankles and is pretty bipolar for a cat. He is also known to hunt lizard and sometimes birds, even though he was never taught to kill and he is too big now to sneak up on things. I really want them to be friends but I don't want to hurt or even scare any pet! Space is estimated at 10 or so pounds and Patches is, like, 2 or 3 pounds. Anybody done this before or know how to? I will post a picture of them each next to a dollar bill in case my estimate is waaaaaaaay off.

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11/11/2012 2:59 PM
After getting Bailey the bunny it was decided that he might be lonely being all by himself during the days and so Harley the cat was adopted. Harley was an older cat, and a very docile cat, and it was thought that he'd be a great companion for Bailey. Well Bailey soon discovered that he could terrorize Harley because Harley was afraid of him. He used to delight on hopping up on the couch just to chase Harley away, and then hopping down.

Now there are 5 buns and 3 cats in the house, and I foster kittens for a shelter. There have been a couple of times where a cat or kitten has tried to play with the bunnies but no actual aggression from the cats.
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