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10/02/2012 3:19 PM

Well I posted a couple hours ago about all the fleas....I went in and I check bud over...he is free flea (and no ear mites-kitty has them too) And I'm so upset...

I looked at his feet...which has been having problems keeping clean and I've been giving him butt baths once or twice a week...and now he has sore hocks! There is one spot on his foot that is red and irritated....

I feel like such a bad bunny mommy. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I can't take care of him but I've been there for him for almost 6 years...and now i'm giving up on him? I'm like all those people I complained about. His feet are matted, his feet are red,he's blind (and I have no idea how that happened) and he is overweight....I feel like I'm abusing him by continuing to keep him in our home. 

I feel like if I find him another home....then I'm a bad mom.. I just don't know what else to do for him. He's needing so much care now, and I don't know if I can do it...and take care of  everything else.

...I'm at my wits end and I just don't know what to do..

Would it make me a bad person if I gave him away?

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10/02/2012 4:36 PM
Sounds like you need some TLC too.............
I think the question you need to ask is how will you be if you give him away. Its not a decision anyone can make and the process may be even more exhausting in the long run.
One thing to remember is that at times life is going to throw us these challenges but eventually we get through it. You have conquered one huge challenge with the mites and fleas some give yourself some credit for that. Bud is 6 years old, he is going to have health problems of varying degrees now, you are doing the best you can and frankly I think you are a wonderful bunny mummy.
Make a list of what needs to be done on a regular basis and what cannot be addressed or rectified.
Bud is blind, I am assuming that can't be fixed so really keeping his rabbitat as it is not adding anything that might confuse him or rearranging the area is best. In short doing nothing is the answer on that one.
The mites/fleas are under control... Schedule regular treatments for a few months to prevent a reinfestation from a late hatching.
The sore foot, is it age or environment. The simple addition of some soft rugs may keep it from recurring once it is treated.
He is overweight, OK half his pellets, up his hay and take a look at what veg he is having, maybe a few simple changes may help especially as he is now elderly and not getting the exercise he used to.
Nothing you did caused Bud to grow old and nothing you could have done would have prevented it now its about finding away for both of you to enjoy his declining years.
I do know how you feel, my eldest cat is 22 and has arthritus and a growth in her nose that bleeds and runs frequently, however, she is not in pain, still enjoys food, garden wanders and long naps in my bed or on the lounge. It takes a lot of time and patience keeping her nose clean and brushing out her coat as she can't clean it herself anymore but we are getting there and I knw that we are doing our best to make the most of the time she has left.
Piglet bunny is an Angora and I have been at wits end with the knots and tangles I was on the verge of giving up but I have found away to pair away the matts a little at a time without him chewing my arm off and making a break for cover. I felt like the worst bun mum ever but being negative about it only made me feel worse and did nothing to improve Piglets matted fur. Now that I have found a solution I am feeling great and Piglet is a lot less stressed when I put him on the shelves to groom him, I think he is even starting to enjoy it.
So, take a step back a big deep breath and tackle things one at a time.. Stop beating yourself up and know that Bud loves you and does not think you are a bad mum.

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10/03/2012 7:27 AM
honestly, i wouldn't even know where to take him. There is an animal sactuary not to far from here but i think they mostly have cats and dogs...but i know atleast then bud would be taken care of...

The fleas and the mites aren't out of control....Bud just doesn't have them yet. The mites are getting better and I'd like to think the fleas are but every morning it seems Toodles (our kitty) wakes up itchier....and I dont think a dawn bath is very good for her skin...

Bud has been blind for 2 years now I think...and my only guess is my sisters cats reached into the cage and scratched him....I think he can still see shadows. When he is in a new area he hops around really slowly so he can get the feel of things...but he will still bump into things if spooked no matter where he is.

I guess the hocks are a combination of both....his nails got long so I've been trimming them cause the quick is kinda long yet...and the carpet in this apt...well there is no padding underneath. It was like that in the last apartment too...He probably has gained some weight since then...

He seems to have really thin hair on his legs and feet and I don't know if he is pulling his hair out or why he would be doing that...I know I find clumps of fur around but thought before he was blowing his coat.

I'm gonna have my friend come over and help me shave all the mats out of bud again....might just shave all of him and then save the soft fur so I can wrap it around his foot... Are those wraps only at the vets or...can i get them at stores?

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10/03/2012 7:40 AM
I agree completely with Roberta! You sound like you definitely need some TLC and also need to just step back and analyze. You have obviously gotten very frustrated and upset and I think THAT is what is making you feel like such a horrible bunny parent but you're not! The rest of us know you're not. It's obviously shown by the fact that you're taking time to come on BB and get some help!

In my opinion, I think your little guy needs you! You sound like a wonderful bunny momma and Bud needs YOU to be strong for HIM! One of the bunny forum leaders on here, LittlePuffyTail, has been going through some tremendous hardships with her buns. But she has gotten the strength from being on BB and knowing that sometimes you just have to keep your head straight and help your bunbun out the best way you can! Personally, I think you only need encouragement and help from BB'ers and you will get through this for yourself and Bud.

We all come through some really hard times with our little furry family members but I think everything has been so overwhelming that you beginning to undermine what you really are doing! Do as Roberta said, and slowly tackle each problem and eventually you will have them all accomplished and you will be extremely happy that you did it for both him and yourself.

I don't know much about either issues - but thought you could use some pick-up and anytime I can help I will chirp in with some advice. For now though, keep your head up for both him and yourself. Don't be so down on yourself -- let the BB'ers help you and you WILL get through this!
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10/03/2012 9:38 AM
Ditto everything Roberta and Tanlover said! You sound like a wonderful bun mom! =] I know it may not seem like it but take some time for yourself. Draw a hot bubble bath and settle in for a good relaxing. I promise the fleas and mites will get taken care of. =] And all you can do for Bud is give him a nice soft place to relax and just hope that it callouses over. I know that several of the other members on here have had issues with sore hocks so they may be able to help you out with pointers and tips. I'm pretty sure the said something about giving them a real plushy bed to lie on. Don't give up on your little man. I know he'll love you know matter what and that everything will work out in time. If you need to vent then come on here and do so. =] We're all preety understanding and here to be that support that you need to keep chugging through the hardships.

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10/03/2012 3:39 PM
You haven't mentioned if you have a vet for Bud ? I understand, especially if you are restricted by reliance on your parents to take him to one, unfortunately sometimes parents don't understand that Bunnies need vets to or their is a more realistic issue such as money to pay for treatments.
Lets look at the sore hocks first. Ideally a trip to the vet to have it checked out would be the first thing but if that is not possible then start by putting down some soft rugs or mats for him to move about on. Hopefully someone that has had similar problems will chime in or maybe start a new thread.
A dawn bath shouldn't harm Toodle's skin as they use it for wildlife that has been caught in oil slicks, it won't however remove the fleas or the mites you will need a topical treatment for that like Advantage or Revolution, to reduce the cost you can buy them at the vet in single ampules instead of a whole pack but Toodles will probably need ongoing treatment for at least 3 months to completely get rid of them (it is cheaper to buy the 3 month pack in the long run). In Australia I can get it online very cheaply without prescriptions but I believe in the US it is controlled and you need a script from the vet to purchase it.

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10/04/2012 8:22 AM
I do have a vet. I'm married with a young daughter so parent aren't the issue. I live in the middle of nowhere, and I don't drive and hubby works all the time...

I looked at Bud's feet yesterday and the fur seems to cover the sore parts now..and it looks a lot better. The sores aren't open or anything...and I completely sanitized his cage...I have two water bottles and a bowl in his area but he always seems to knock it over. -.- *sigh* which isn't helping I'm sure. I let him out to run around...he seemed to like that.

I know the dawn doesn't remove the fleas but it kills all of the fleas that are on her, so it does help IMO. I'm not sure if it kills the eggs though. I'm gonna pick up some flea stuff after I get paid...I know there is an animal supply store in town that has sold flea meds...but I don't remember if it was just one brand or not...

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10/04/2012 3:24 PM
That sounds like progress to me. I understand it must be frustrating trying to deal with this and a young family and a hubby who is away a lot but you have made a great start to getting back on track. With Toodles you are not restricted to the brands like you are with bunnies so if you can head the parasites off at the pass its a good thing. You just can't use Dog specific anti flea treatments on cats but there are lots of combo's and the store should have some of those.

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10/05/2012 7:41 AM
I agree with everyone here that you are a good bunny mommy and are doing your very best for Bud. He just wants to be loved and cared for in the home he's always known, and he is not judging you. He needs you more now in his older years, and knows your smell and sounds, so really he probably feels a lot better than you do right now. Bunnies can be very patient with us when we are stressed sometimes.

I have 3 simple suggestions for the sore hocks. 1. go with the soft throw rug suggestion already made. I can recommend what I've used - a 4'x5' cotton (I think) low pile area rug I got at Targets for about $20. It's a plain gray, and not hard to clean, or too dangerous to chew, or too expensive if it gets stained and you just want to toss it out later on. But it sits flat on any carpet or floor you are having trouble with. Sarita has found similar area rugs at Walmart.

2. You can put down a flannel 100% cotton flat twin bed sheet. It's just soft enough to be nice on feet, thin, washable, and covers a large area. I have mine over the cheap area rug and I tuck it under so it stays flat. The cotton makes it safe if nibbled. I use a pale green or blue, and found one for $5 at Walmart.

3. Bag Balm ointment for sore hocks. It comes in a square green tin and is kind of goofy sounding because it was invented for tender udders. Farmers use it to milk sore cows. But it was discovered to be really good for rabbit feet, dry skin and human feet as well. It's safe, but slightly medicated. I found my can at CVS drugstore with the hand lotions! I mean, I put it on my dry heels, wore socks over it to bed and it was noticeably better in the morning. Just a dab on Ben's feet so he doesn't lick off too much. Worth a try.

Use some on yourself, put on cute silly socks and lie down with a good novel. Breathe, drink sherry, light candles. You will feel better soon, too.
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10/05/2012 8:29 AM
Bag balm! I love that stuff, I use it on my daughter for diaper rash...I actually don't really know where it is right now since we moved but I will look around for a bit more...

Soft things on the floor...good plan

I put some really soft stuff in his litter box cause hed rather lay in there then pee in it... Which probably doesn't help his feet at all...maybe he just needs a bed lol