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9/19/2012 7:40 PM
We'll be traveling to my brother's wedding over Thanksgiving, meaning we need to find somebody to care for Mya, our dog, and Lady & Poobah, our two bunnies.

Any ideas on finding somebody to petsit the bunnies? I can find somebody for the dog much more easily. She's so EASY to care for in comparison to the rabbits. If you let her out a couple timse a day, give her a scoop of her food morning and night then she is good to go!

But the bunnies? It's "yes, you can feed them that." "No, you can't feed them that." "Make sure you watch them when they're out." Change the box every day, rotate the hay you give them... sheesh! lol

I just don't know about finding somebody I trust to take care of them. We recently moved and don't know anybody here yet.

So I am asking you guys! Are any of you available around the metro area of Minnesota? Do any of you have any tips for finding a good pet caretaker?

User is Offline Roberta
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9/19/2012 8:17 PM
I'd check with your Vet (if he/she is a rabbit specialist/ ) they may board them or they could have people on file or who they know through the practice and also if their is a local Rabbit Shelter, they may know of someone trustworthy.

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9/20/2012 6:24 AM
I second Roberta!

Every veterinary practice I know, has at least 1 person, who works for them, that house sits/pet sits. Usually its a vet student

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9/20/2012 11:06 AM
Apologies if you've already checked this resource.
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9/21/2012 3:44 AM
With rabbits you want to simplify everything. They are not going to get the same level of care/interaction as they would if it were you, but it will be good enough for a few days. We are always getting members on here who are mad after the fact that their sitter did not do this and that and the other thing. I think that the expectation is too high. Expect them to be fed and watered. That's it.

I would not have a sitter allow them out, too much can go wrong. Make sure their confined space is larger enough to allow exercise, maybe even adding an additional xpen. Have plenty of toys and boxes to play with.

I would not have a sitter cleaning litterboxes. Have a second clean litterbox "waiting in the wings" that can simply be swapped out with the old one halfway thru the trip. The sitter can put the dirty box in a large garbage bag for you to deal with when you return.

Make up pre-portioned amounts of safe veggies and put them in the fridge, one bag for each day. Make up ziploc bags of pre-measured pellets. This way all the sitter has to do is retrieve one bunch of veggies and give one baggie of pellets. Move the hay box next to the pen and provide a way for the sitter to just scoop more hay on top of the old.

You're going to return to a mess, but simplifying everything is going to make it easier on the sitter, and more likely that you can go back to the same person in the future. If watching your pets is a pain in the butt, they're not going to do it next time. I've gone on several trips and have learned each time to make it easier and easier.
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9/21/2012 7:49 AM
Make a check list also, one copy for each day and leave it on the fridge or something for them. That way they can grab the check list, go down it, check it off as they go and then toss the paper. "Veggies, check. Hay, check. Water, check." etc. That way they won't forget anything. And don't leave the litter near the food, make sure the food is CLEARLY labeled as pellets. Some sitters confuse pellet litter and pellet food... and you don't want the bunnies being fed litter.

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