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9/06/2012 2:36 PM

So I've been meaning to do this post for almost 3 months now haha

I FINALLY moved out of my moms house! It only took 22 years I moved into a duplex with one of my co-workers. She's a Registered Animal Health Technologist at the clinic I work at. It worked out great, we get along really well, but don't have any common friends so we aren't in each others faces all the time. And we are also probably the only people who could deal with each others animals 24/7 We somehow found an affordable, 4 bedroom (+ storage room & laundry room), 2 floor house, with a fenced backyard that allowed us to have all our animals!! Which leads to... Tait has his own bunny room! He`s pretty pumped about having all the space to himself. I do miss having him in my room and him sleeping with me etc., but at least now when I go to spend time with him he is actually excited to see me. Before he was like just like "oh it`s you... who cares, I see you all the time" . Anyway, here's a couple of pictures:


Yes, my rabbit does have his own refridgerater...




I had planned on using the moving stress to bond Tait and Nate... but the stress just made Nate's URI's relapse , so he's back on antibiotics and once he's finished I will hopefully get started. For now Nate's living in the dining room showing off his cuteness to everyone that comes over


Nate spent a couple of hours yesterday snuggling on the couch with me, after I got my wisdom teeth out. It's a good thing I have a snuggle bunny because the cats wanted nothing to do with me that day 

I also recently adopted a cat!!!! I took her in as an SPCA foster, almost 3 months ago now. She was left, in a cardboard box, overnight, with her 5 infant kittens outside the shelter. The kittens have all since been adopted and mom has been spayed. She fit in with the family so well that I had to keep her. And I was also really missing the company of a cat, since my senior kitty passed away.

Introducing Bronte! We estimate her age at 1 year



And just for fun, I'll give you some pictures of my roommate's animals


This is Sparky, she's five years old and was surrendered at the clinic because her owner couldn't afford to keep up with her care after having a bunch of bladder stones removed.


This is Jules, hanging out with Tait, in the bunny room. He's about 3 years old, but you would think he's 80 based on his activity level He has chronic cystitis... so he pees on stuff He's on meds but it still happens sometimes. My roommate adopted him, after he was a patient in her program.

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9/07/2012 4:53 AM
That looks great! What a cute fur family you have.

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9/07/2012 6:49 AM
That looks wonderful! Lucky bun

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