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9/06/2012 12:36 PM

I was calling around to see if I could get a better deal than the cell co. I had.  nope nothing better out there.

In doing so I called somewhere and they wanted my card # to put a dollar to hold the brand new 600.00 phones for free with a 2 year plan.  Ok I said.   Then they did some credit check or something and needed another 125. -- deposit.  Well the girl said she just took it out of my card.  

WHA I  yelled.  I had to call someone and ask them not to cash a check.  This could have really bounced my account to total ruin.   Oh I am so mad. 

I called the company and they said to call the actual phone company.  Oh great.  Won't be til 90 days I get MY $ back.  So I am having to shut off my internet svc.  for a few months.   2 or 3.  I am livid.

I can still access BB on my phone.  I may not respond to as  many post as I would like but I can keep in touch.  Beware those companies I tell ya.

The girl at the internet place said she has heard of that happening. Her boyfriend had that happen to him too.  Of course I cancelled the order cuz I would be paying 2x as much as I am now for phone service and a limit on internet at that. Pfft.

I am keeping unlimited everything. I like the company I am with.  No shopping around for me anymore.

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11/04/2012 12:19 AM
omg, that is insane! Whats worse is you cant really do anything about it -_- hope everything works out for you! ;p

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11/04/2012 12:23 AM
Let that be a lesson, never give your number over the phone. I've heard so many stories of them taking even more money than they originally stated. It's not only a mistake to give it to them, it can more often than not be a costly one. Stupid companies -.- x
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11/04/2012 3:47 AM
Hi, Guys, PLEASE DO NOT post on older threads! Be sure to read the date of the post before you reply always. This was posted by our friend and member Bunnytowne in September, and believe me, it is no longer an issue now that it is November. I will lock the thread with a reminder to be sure to check the dates and not add to older posts. thank you.
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