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9/02/2012 8:48 AM

So some of you know I have a really old cat. She is either 18 or 19 years old.  Well she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and also needs more tests done to see if she has feline leukemia disease or something else ( I forgot what the vet said).  Well, I don't know what is wrong but for the past well...I am not sure how long but lets just say 6 months...she has been WAILING like she is in severe pain. It's a very deep, low wail/cry.  It's like she is screaming. She does it at night and all throughout the day.  She also sometimes forgets where to defecate.  We are treating her hyperthyroidism but that hasn't really helped the poo or the wails. Has anyone experienced this?  Should I be worried?  I think it may be close to the end, sadly.  I found what was either blood or really dark urine.  Also, her urine and cat litter dont mix well!  When she pees in the cat box it's like cement trying to get it out!  So horrible.  I don't know what to do other than more vet visits.  I think she may have dementia but the vet hasn't mentioned that at all to us.  I don't want her to be in such pain that she cries how she does.  Maybe later today I can record her wailing and show you, because she JUST stopped crying now....I could hear her and I am at the other end of the house.  

Anyone know what could be causing this or why?  I know we have to take her to the vet again and we will soon...probably this week.

I am wondering if I use the bedding I use for my bunnies if it would be better, but I don't know if she'd go in the box if I put that in.  It's horse stall pellets.  

I just want to know why she cries so loud all the time! 

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9/02/2012 12:54 PM
I'm sorry to hear your cat is so unwell. That is very old for a cat and she is most likely dealing with many health problems. I've never experienced wailing like you describe. My best advice is to discuss it with your vet. As sad as it is, it may be time to start thinking about whether she is having a good quality of life. It's better to make that dreadful decision before the kitty is suffering and miserable. You should discuss quality of life with your vet as well. I know how hard it is dealing with a beloved kitty getting old. **Hugs**

I suggest you go to a cat forum to get some advice. One I've been on before is:
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9/02/2012 2:44 PM
I was watching the new episode of My Cat From Hell last night. There was a very old cat on there with hyperthyroidism and it cried/meowed all the time. They thought it was partly because of the hyperthyroidism and partly because he was old and having separation anxiety. The cats I had while growing up became very "needy" in their old age. I imagine it was some sort of kitty dementia.

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9/02/2012 3:54 PM
Yeah I think she needs another vet visit real soon.

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9/02/2012 8:08 PM
I'm really sorry to hear about this. I've never had an old cat, closest I've been to your situation was my cat had cancer years back. 18 is very old for a cat, I completely agree with everything LPT said. It's extremely difficult coming to the decision of what to do, I had to make the decision for my cat when I was 17. Unfortunately, if it's cancer, it would be a lot worse for the cat to be put through anything to treat it. The vet gave us medication for him for his last few weeks. It lessened his pain and got him eating again. I really hope yours doesn't have cancer But all that aside, I think another vet visit will help you both a lot. Catchannel is very helpful there as well. I found that place when I was going through stuff with my cat and they were very comforting and helped me get through it all. *hugs*
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9/03/2012 11:48 AM
I would take her in right now if she's in such pain. It's not fair to let her suffer.
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