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8/26/2012 11:17 PM

Had a fun week at DisneyLand California But I sure did miss all my pets. I found I wasn't too worried about Mimzy since she was left in my mom's care She took really good care of her and followed all my daily instructions! What I was scared of most was that Mimzy might be upset with me & give me bunny butt when I got back but she didn't! She hopped right up when she saw me, I opened her cage & she hesitated a little as if to say "Am I really getting to come out of my cage!??" Haha. She did tons of zoomies and binkies, came straight up to me for pets & love. She's exactly the same cute little girl she was before I left...getting into everything she possibly can, hehe. Naughty little bunny! So glad to have come back to all my pets! My bird was even happy to see me & came right onto my shoulder & my hyper dog greeted me with a heck of a lot of big hugs & tail wags, lots & lots of tail wags!'s a few pics from my trip! We took a 30hr train ride from Tx to Cali 


^---Boyfriend & I in front of the castle. I thought the castle was going to be at least a little bigger.


^---- Pretend artist's desk in one of the stores.

^--- R2D2 mickey model! These things are pretty expensive O_o


All of us with Mickey Mouse & our mickey ears:]


The castle at night right after the fireworks.


And then there's Perry keeping an eye out for the train for us Thanks Perry!! 

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8/27/2012 1:31 AM
Welcome back! Glad you had fun! When I got home from Disneyland I got the bunny butt big time! They were just like "Oh, Mom's home, whatever".
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8/27/2012 2:19 AM
Great pics! Glad you had a good time. Yeah...the castle always looks bigger when you're younger.
They used to have a glass blower's shop inside there when I was wee. Is it still there?
Jenna (my Yorkie) can't abide me leaving her to go to the store...she'd never put up with me going back to California! 0_o

Train'em! The longer the better! I used to take the Coast Starlight from San Jose to San Luis Obispo to see my hubby while we were dating. Much more fun than driving.
I probably won't travel again till my pets have crossed the Bridge. And I win the lottery! If I last that long!

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8/27/2012 9:09 AM
Aww sorry you got the bunny butt LPT!

MimzMum - we didn't get to spend a lot of time at the castle so I'm not sure if it's still there, it might be! For some reason we didn't decide to go in the castle until the very last day after the fireworks lol. & my bf's mom was complaining she was tired so we had to hurry up

That's cute that you would take a train to see him ^-^ the other 3 who were with me were very excited about taking train beforehand but once we got On it, they all had a bit of a panic attack :/ not sure why?? :o but I had to comfort them all until they settled down so it was a rough take off.
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9/03/2012 3:11 AM
Awww thats so cute that Mimzy did that!! Gotta love those moments And man I wish I could go to Disneyland!! It looks so incredible..... Haha