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8/15/2012 4:09 PM

Sorry, i haven't been on but I've been waiting on getting my computer (dumb ol desktop) hooked up to the modem and we didnt want wires everywhere...but because of the setup of our apartment in MB we had to put the modem in the living room with the TV....but it seemed as soon as we made it down here the website started getting updated....

Bud made it down okay allthough there were a couple of times where he seemed to get a lil too hot and I got worried but i switched out bottles (until I ran out of frozen ones) and I just dampened his ears occasionally. He pretty much sat on my lap in the carrier the whole way down in the front of the rental truck. 

We have pretty much been going to the beach is sooo awesome down here! lol I also found an amazing job and actually looking to go back to school for nursing. There is a pretty good school down here....although I think it is kinda pricy...but I guess that is just MB, SC for

There is a litter of kittens probably 7 or 8 weeks old...and for the first time that I have ever seen in wild cats the mom is actually taking care of them....In fact, I can't even get close to them. Originally we were gonna bring one in (there is a black tort, a grey tabby and an orange tabby) but she is doing such a good job and honestly I'm worried about the temperment with my lil one... she is 18 months old and she sings along (mostly just to the melody although she will get a few of the actual words out) Anyway, I digress....We went to the animal sheltar near here and there are so many kittens but mostly male...and hubby wants a girl cause of "spraying" pfft, Bud's sprayed me in the face before he was fixed....i'm so not worried about cat  We did find a long haired tort and she didn't seem too worried about my daughter. she just sat calmly....although she kinda cowered a lil bit... 

If we can't catch one of the kittens (which I'm not trying as hard, i'll admit cause I'd rather have an older cat that is already fixed and has its personality set) I'm gonna set up like a play date with my daughter and us with two of the cats (or more) and see which one is best. I'm trying to actually do this right instead of how I used to do it....just walk into petsmart and say, " I want that one" and take it home. I can't really do that anymore lol. 

So alot has happened since I was last daughter is getting so biiig and she is way too smart for her age. Terrible twos has come early for her. 

I used to be worried about bud with her...but if he is out of his cage he is really gentle with her...even when she is trying to pick her up...which I quickly nipped in the butt...she might not be as gentle as i'd like but he seems to do really well with her. maybe it is his age...he is getting old...almost 5 now I think lol 

I must say, I really have missed you guys. Hope all is well with all of you.

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8/15/2012 11:25 PM
I haven't met you before, I'm new hehe. Cute story about the kittens though! Although, maybe don't intentionally try to catch one of the kittens, if they around around 8 weeks, I think you could probably just put some food out and see which one seems to come around more. But don't force anything on it. Let it get away if it wants to. Or, perhaps they just will be stray kitties. Good news is cats are fine as strays

I always seem to find a cat one after the other. We took care of one that was actually my neighbor's cat but he seemed to favor my mom & I more. We gave him more attention. Plus, they named him Satan So I was little at the time and just renamed him to Kitty. He stopped responding to the name Satan lol.
After they took him, we found another stray who stayed with us for about 7 years and he finally passed away. Now we have another! I don't think I'll really ever have to pay to adopt a dog or cat haha. They always fall into my arms so to speak.

Anyway!! Welcome back to BB My name is Christi, my precious little girl is named Mimzy, she's 5 mos!
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8/16/2012 6:02 AM
Hey! Welcome back!
I had lot's of boy kitties. None of them ever sprayed, but we had them neutered.

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8/17/2012 7:02 AM
@mimzy cats always seem to fall into my lap and the cats around here are pretty self-sufficient and the landlord puts out cat food for em and any left overs...hubby is really particular and wants it def. to be a girl. >( the orange one is very curious but seems a bit rambunctious (sp?) and might be a bit much with a lil one. Torts are so pretty (my bud is a tort, so im a lil biased) and I have heard that they make really sweet cats...

I think in the lon run adopting one from the sheltar that is already spayed, micro-chipped (some are), tested and treated for any health issues..I mean i assume they test for feline leukemia and aids...although i dont really know if those are common seems like its cheaper to pay a $50 adoption fee than to take a kitty to the vet and get it fixed and all that....i know that might sound a little mean, but it is something I have to think about. And besides, an adult cat's personality is more stable that a kitten....and old cats (from what I have heard) tend to put up with more, right?

LBJ- I told my hubby that and he claimed they still spray....he is too stuck in his way to convince him. Can't teach that old dog any new tricks....

I figure if we are meant to have one of those kittens then it will just happen....if not, then so be it. I guess I'm really into