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3/17/2011 10:01 PM

Recently, spammer (User Name: Thomas Sabo Australia) infested the forum by posting alot of spam. .  We are working on the problem, but in the meantime, if you see any left-over posts, please hit the alert button.  This helps us locate the post immediately and we can easily delete. 

THANK YOU to those of you who have already alerted us -- It's a great help.   

We are also keeping our eyes open for a "repeat of this" under a new user name (as IP addresses can be spoofed and changed, so even if we ban an IP address temporarily, a determined spammer can return-- at least until we get our "spam proof" tools in place soon. 

So keep your eyes open and use the alert!


NOTE:  Until we get the spam prevention tools in place, there will be a few minute waiting period between posts.  This is only temporary. Thank you for your patience. 




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