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3/01/2011 12:53 PM

Hope this isnt breaking any rules


Ok so when i got free books from BnN  as I opened them I saw or .org or whatever   So yesterday I thought let me go to their website n see if they got free books there too.

Goodness  I hit free books   nearly 400 pages of free books.  romance paranormal romance friction   shapeshifter stuff.   Then I noticed there were choices for short n long stories.   So I deduced it down to long stories.  Got my collection

Then I called nook to try to side slide my stash to nook adobe digital reader.  ADR kept saying error and I uninstalled and reinstalled it.  Still no go

So I spent another hour looking up the titles on BnN hopping back n forth n I ended up w/135 more free books.  Thats not all the ones I got stached on my smashword file either.  

politics reliigon  cavvys rabbits n mice book   oh a funny childrens book called   Emo about a negative bunny.

I got so many books I am probably got enuf for  6 months some are 700 pages others 200  goodness. 

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