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2/19/2011 4:37 PM

With all this rabbits aren't allowed  oh but you already paid 1/2 the pet dep  its ok now.

I wrote my Dr. anyway the one I see for the bipolar.   He had a letter typed up I had to go get it in person show id and all.

It did state about privacy law ( letting them know  not to spread this around)  and that my rabbit it a part of my treatment and would be beneficial for me to keep him.   Plus a few other little Dr. things.

Cool.  My shoulder finally quit hurting much yesterday and I didn't wear my sling yesterday or today.  Still not sure about sleepign on my right side tho. 

Cotton has been so sweet  sitting with me for so long. 

My nephews little 2 yr old her service was today I believe.  They live in Kentucky.   Her organs are going to 3 possible 4 youngsters.   Her heart and some other organs.  How selfless of them. 

Unfortunately I am not that close to him but I have emailed his wife b4.  I am glhad she has another on the way it may help get them thru this. They have a strong faith that will help them get thru as well.

Get this  last nite I tossed n turned couldn't sleep good.   I moved and there went my left knee.  The good one or should I say the as of last nite ex good one.   Sheesh  I am a danger to myself.   Hope I didn't tear anything and won't need another surgery.   This is getting old fast.

I had to use the surgery one to get up n down the stairs.   Anyhoo

Got some groceries last nite lots of greens they were on sale so I got some good deals.  I like that.

I been concerned about australians with the flooding etc. Hope they are all safe

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