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6/11/2010 6:32 PM

Argh  I haven't been on much cuz hubby took Pinky with him thinking his friend can fix it.  Yeah right he only does softwear.   Pinky still isn't home.  I called last nite to get her over here. 

When he gets home all 3 of us  will thump at him.   wonder if I could leave a thumping msg. on his sisters phone.

By the way Cottons lip ....   The right corner of his mouth where the ulcer dissapeared is back again.             Sounds like it is going to be a recurring situation for him.   Oh well.  

He sure was getting with his new chew tonite though.  Oh how he loves his chews.   Ruby doesn't chew as much.  Takes her a few days to figure out what to do with that new thing in her house.   When she figures it out though  she gets with it.

Funny thing.    Fouad was ironing his clothes b4 his trip.  He set the iron on the glass top of our dining table that no one eats at.  Little later we heard a funny noise.  Hubby noticed the gladd where the iron was broke.   rofl....

I was so worried I was gone do somethign like that.  lol Glad it was him.  So out goes the table with Cottons fav place to hang out.  Now he is back under the desktop table on top his hay container.  I put his towel up there for him.

Glad to see the table go we needed more room in here.  lol.  One way to get him to get rid of something 

Cotton hasn't been coming to get pets at nite like he did b4 the table left.    He comes b4 and after pellet time but thats about it.  I think he wants to hang with Ruby.   Not so sure if I should let them though.  Don't want his lip to get bit and cause all kind of new problems for him. 

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