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For the first time since this site was created we are finally going to get our video gallery fixed and updated to something  MUCH nicer.  The current one is terrible...... so we never did much with it.   

We hope to have several sections including:

  • BB Members Videos  -- featuring our members bunny videos.  
  • Bonding Section -- so people can see everyone's bonding videos all in one place which can be really helpful for newbie bonders who are here to ask questions about bonding.  
  • YouTube (or other hosting site) Bunny Favorites - so if you see a bunny video that really stands out, email us the direct link to the video for us to check out and then I will contact the video owner to get permission to repost in our gallery.
  • General Bunny  videos we get from non-members

There will be other sections too, but those are the top 4 to start off with, and of course if you have any ideas, please share.

The gallery won't be up and running fully for a few days, but now is the time to send in your videos and I will add them in to the new gallery when we gets it going.  

Here's how: 

  1. Email the actual video file(s) ------OR------
  2. If they are already up on YouTube or some other Video Hosting site then email the direct link to the video(s). 
  3. Email to --   InfoATbinkybunnyDOTcom (I have phonetically spelled it out so that email box doesn't get hit from netbots/spambots) 
  4. Put " VIDEO" in the subject line so I can quickly identify it (We get alot of email so that's important!)
  5. Include your MEMBER name in the body of the email if you want it to be put in the members section
  6.  Include the name of the BUNNY in the video




BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Updating our Video Gallery!!