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5/17/2010 5:06 PM

Well, it happened. the weather got warmer and *sigh* Hershey got darker, not lighter.  -_-

i was hoping for that nice silvery colour to come back with the warmer weather but nooo, hersheys coat doesnt roll like that... so she's getting darker. meaning.. bindilicious, yess bindi will be that chocolate brown colour in about a year... *SIGH*

i was soo hoping that the silver would come back!!! im sorry im a little upset lol....

well so now she's gunna overheat in the warm weather.. NOT. i made a grass ice block a little off topic but anyways.... bindilicious there is a great tasting solution to dark bunnies overheating in the summer sun

My Siamese Sweethearts, Hershey & Twix........... <3 And In My Attempted Un-selfish Thoughts I Find Myself Thinking... If This Is The Best I Can Do With Just My Thoughts, Than What Is The Best That Can Be Done By Someone Who Has Not Only my Thoughts But The Chance To Make Them A Reality?

BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > me: noo! bindilicious: yess!