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11/16/2006 10:50 AM

What is the deal with the row of stars that sometimes appear next to a topic?  And why are some of them yellow and some white?

Also, what are the tiers to become the next level of bunny (how many posts?)

Just curious about those two things!

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11/19/2006 12:11 AM

The ranking for members goes like this:

Dwarf 1   - 25 Dwarf  
Lop 26   - 50 Lop  
New Zealand 50   - 200 New Zealand  
Flemish Giant 200  - 500 Flemish Giant  
Herman the Giant 500  - 1000 Herman the Giant
WereRabbit 1000  - 10000 WereRabbit  


As far as the stars next to the posts go... Ya know what, I'm embarrassed to say... but I don't know!  But it does have something to do with the amount of responses combined with the amount of views.  And I am determined to find out exactly how that works.  Unlike the member rank which we created and modified, the post ranking does it on it's own (came with the forum software), and I need to research it to figure it out.  

Good question!   I'll let ya know the post ranking as soon as I find out.

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5/03/2007 8:01 PM
sounds goood =)

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