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6/07/2007 7:53 AM

We have found something Dora likes, alot of people were talkin about the paperbag and fillin it with soem stuff. So I tought no harm in tryin I put two raisans or 2 dried cranberries in there ad two or three greens poke some holes stick a couple greens out and she waits till I am gone then tears a perfect whole in the middle of the bag eats it all and leaves me the garbage to pick u. LOL she is such a am. I give here tis as her nighttime thing.

Thanks for the idea

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6/08/2007 6:42 AM
Miffy doesnt GET IT....she eats what is poking from the hole and thats it. She nudges and scents the bag and is like "Meh too much like work" lol I tell you....she's lazy! lol When she's out and about I just tuck greens into a cubby made from those storage has her water bottle on it already so I figured its a good spot.

She wont "work" for her
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6/08/2007 8:29 AM

My girl Juli is just the same - she will scent the bag extensively so that Kramer won't go near it - and then she'll just sit and observe it.  Maybe she's trying to open it with her bunny dissaproval

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6/08/2007 9:53 AM

You should see my buns! They crack me up! The girls have a scent war every single day! They aren't bonded and Carrera picks on Pookie so they are out separately everyday. Anything one marks another will go back and rub on it and then on and on. So something could be scented 4-6 times a day depending on how big or small of time blocks they are out. Right now not working both girls get about 5hrs out each day and then Cooper only 2-3hrs since he isnt quite potty trained yet.

So, they chin our shoes, bags, toys, furniture, and on and on... it is kinda funny though.

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