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3/25/2007 12:49 PM
I decided I want to try growing some veggies and fresh grass for my bun(s) in a windowbox.  I got Pepper last September so there wasn't much growing season left by then.  I live in a 1BR rented apartment, so I can't make too many permanent alterations to the place

Well, a friend of mine who was moving just gave me a whole box of NIC panels, so I was making a shelf to set the planters on - they are a little narrower than my windowsill.  This is kind of a dead spot in the apartment because it's also above a long radiator.

Then it hit me - why not make sides and a top too?  That way buns could still get to the odd leaf but the actual growing plants would be protected.

Since my windowsill is a bit less than 4 panels wide, the project ended up taking 14 NIC panels, a bunch of zip ties, some string, and 2 large push pins.    In effect, I made a long rectangular box with one side open - that's the part against the glass.  The top opens for access to the plants, and the bottom rests on the windowsill.
The whole thing is supported by resting on the windowsill as well as 2 string-and-pushpin anchors  set into the window frame.  These are just for stabilization - the majority of the weight rests on the windowsill.  The other 2 pushpins are set a little higher on the window frame, and act as "stops" when I put the lid down.

Right now I have 2 planters  of a mixed lettuce seed I got at the hardware store.  I also plan to do one or two of just plain grass.

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3/25/2007 1:52 PM
Sounds really cool!   Now we have to see pictures!