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6/18/2017 7:54 AM
So I have to decrease the size of the puppy pen because it takes up half of my room. With one floor right now it's about 24 sq ft but Lily is Lily and Lily Hates small spaces. I give her lots of exercise but I can't leave the room with her in it because she pees absolutely EVERYWHERE. (She poops almost everywhere too but that's easy to clean) she will be spayed before 1.5 years but I'm not personally able to get the money for it yet (I'm almost finished with my babysitting course so I can start that soon) ok so pretty much in other words I can't get her spayed yet so she can't just have like 16 sq ft and free roam otherwise.

What I'm really wondering though is how could I add on? I want to add another floor but I don't know how to and my dad is too busy to help me for more than like 10 minutes which would be spent going to the store to get what I need. I'm thinking of making stairs instead of using a ramp because it's more convinient and helps me fit a hidey house or two in the cage too. Also does anyone know a good fabric to put on top? The puppy pen is 42 inches so it would be around 24 inches and 18 inches which she can easily jump from and she isn't scared to either (she somehow escaped to eat some granola but the specific seeds in it weren't so bad and she didn't have much) I'm looking for something that won't heat up the cage much, almost like a net.

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6/18/2017 10:37 AM
Before my buns were free run my pen was attached to a c&c cages

Here's a site above

Basically you get these cages found in the organizations section at Walmart or other home stores and attach them together with zip ties

I found that if you over lay the cubes of the firse one grid of each side and zip tie the both sides then it holds better

Anyways, I had a rabbit pen and then I attached a c and c cage together (with zip ties) and maybe a clip so you can open it and get in if you don't feel like stepping overy the pen all the time

Anyways I did that, and my buns love it (still have the c&c part but removed the pen)

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7/02/2017 3:41 AM
I'm not able to get a C&C cage and her old hutch (16 sq ft) she isn't a big fan of

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7/02/2017 8:33 PM
So you just want to add a level part way up the height of a puppy pen? You can buy some cheap wooden dowel, doesn't even need to be dowel, just two pieces of timber that fit through the holes in the playpen wire, slide those through as the support for your level. For the level you need something solid, whether it's a piece of plywood, or you could even use another playpen panel or something similar of the right size, as long as you have something over it to cover the holes, a carpet tile, foam puzzle mat etc. The shelf will sit on top of the support timber, one at the back of the shelf, and one at the front.

To cover the top of the playpen to stop her getting out, you could just pin a bedsheet or something over the top, or even attach other playpen panels as a lid (just cable tie them on).

Let me know if what I suggested doesn't make sense and I will try to draw pictures.

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7/04/2017 4:22 PM
I noticed you had 2 same threads so I'm gonna delete the other one and just put the response from the other here.

From Luna: Can you post a pic of the pen? I'm sure we could all help you think of how to add a second level to it . Does Lily chew up fleece blankets or carpet? That might be something you could use as fabric.

From Lily: Ok thanks (i know late reply)
When i get home from school ill try to take a picture (it is very messy ATM but ill still send it)

If im not able to its the midwest black E-coat 42 inch pen
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