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Last Post by Ash at 12/27/2007 7:21 AM (7 Replies)
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10/16/2007 11:56 PM

This goes back a few years but still...

While I was working at the pet shop, my mother walked in carrying her bunny in her arms. I could see that something wasn't right. The bunny had the famous lil ball (you know the one with the holes around and bell inside) stuck to her mouth. When I checked her out, I saw that her teeth were badly caught in one of the holes and the ball was almost cutting into her gums. We had to restrain her and cut the ball off with pliers.

I never let the bunnies play with their toys unsurpervised and neither did my mom, but the bunny just wanted to toss the ball so my mother didn't think anything of it.

So anywho, I thought I'd mention it because it is such a common toy. I suggest you get one with larger holes.

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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10/17/2007 10:14 AM
that is really scary, how terrifying for the bunny!! :-(
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10/17/2007 1:42 PM
I'm glad it ended up O.K. !!
Are you talking about those little cat balls that have the bell inside?

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10/18/2007 9:52 PM
I'm glad you were able to get it out! sheesh!
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10/19/2007 7:16 AM

Thanks for the head's up on this...I would never have assumed the danger of hooking teeth into the holes. I appreciate the warning.  I am very happy your bun bun is okay now!

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10/21/2007 1:57 PM
Yep, exactly, it's those small cat balls. Who woulda thought? Heh!

Sadly, that bun passed away. She had malocclusion and developped an abcess. Despite all our efforts she passed away. She was such a special bun too.

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10/24/2007 12:30 AM
I'm sorry about your the loss of your bunny. I know how that feels.

Thanks so much for letting us know about your bunnies experience with the cat toy. Good to know!

User is Offline Ash
Palm Bay, Florida
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12/27/2007 7:21 AM
Thanks for the warning. I'm sorry for your lose :-(
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