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9/19/2006 12:28 AM
I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to post this, but I've totally forgotten to tell you guys about this super simple toy that I give my buns to play with.

All you need are:

1) a brown, lunch-sized paper bag
2) a pair of scissors
3) hay of your choice

I take the paper bag, cut all kinds of odd-sized holes all over it, then stuff it with hay. you can leave the top open so your bunny can stick it's head in (without suffocating, as there's holes all over the bag) or you can simply fold and crinkle the top closed to keep it shut. then just give it to bunny and they love to pull out the hay strands, dig at the bag, toss it around, etc. It's easy and a good way to keep hay consumption interesting to your baby.

User is Offline Ester Yeh
Houston, TX
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9/19/2006 8:55 AM
ohh i love that idea! im definitely gonna try it out... i had been thinking about buying them a litlte hay roller or somethign similar..but i definitely like the paper bag idea better! thanks for the tip!

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9/19/2006 9:19 PM
what a great idea! hope you don't mind that I moved this topic over to the toy forum
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9/22/2006 6:19 AM
That sounds fun! I'll have to try that out with by bun!
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9/25/2006 9:35 AM
no problem gravehearted! =)

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1/29/2007 9:32 AM
I just tried the paper bag with hay and my young one loves it.  He is playing with it already and obvioulsy is enjoying it thououghly.  Thanks for the tip.

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3/24/2007 4:56 AM
At my local pet store they sell things like that. But they're tougher cardboard cylinders. My bun will eat up the hay then pull and push the cylinder around. In addition when he is done with playing he chews up the box

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Dayton, OH
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4/10/2007 5:59 PM

So i tried the bag idea and neither bun was impressed.

So what i ended up doing was taking the lunch sack and cutting off the bottom of the bag. Cut the remaining bag into two separate pieces of paper. I put holes all over each one and then fill them with hay and a dried papaya. THen i rolled them like cigars and tied raffia to each end.

They were impressed and thats a hard thing for my buns.

Just an idea to switch it up sometimes

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4/14/2007 7:11 AM
I tried it with my bun. He LOVED it!!!!
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