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11/09/2012 1:57 PM

Have any of you housed your bunny in a soft exercise pen? I'm thinking about trying this out, because right now Tux is living in a wire pen and it's super hard to keep the surrounding area clean. HAY EVERYWHERE. He pushes the wire pen around to get to my carpet, since that's his favorite place to lounge, and I don't mind him on my carpet, but he's strong and I feel like the whole wire pen situation is just not as secure as I would like it to be. He likes soft things and I think he'd like the more private feel of a soft pen, and they do seem very secure. He doesn't generally chew on fabric, but I'd keep an eye out for that anyway, and he has plenty of other things to chew on besides. 

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Hillsboro, Oregon
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11/09/2012 2:16 PM
Soft pens would be far too easy for them to chew through. i would stick to a hard one. In my experience, just because they haven't chewed before, doesn't mean they won't start, especially if they want to get out to something.

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11/10/2012 5:24 AM
I agree with Monkeybun! ^