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Last Post by Baby-Daisy at 12/23/2012 4:45 AM (22 Replies)
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10/24/2012 7:10 AM

Oreo seems to like cat toys more than bunny toys..and instead of pushing things that roll, she just picks it up and drops it repeatedly...

Is this just her way of playing? Or can I find her a more interactive toy...?

User is Offline Radhika
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10/24/2012 8:29 AM
I made a thread about my rabbit because he doesn't like any of the toys I've given to him! The only thing he likes is apple twigs, which aren't really toys but more part of the diet. I would be ecstatic if he repeatedly picked up and dropped a toy, I want to see him play  

I put a list in my first post of all the things I've tried. Although they didn't work for Harry, it might give you some ideas:

There are loads of videos on youtube too, although my advice is to search "homemade bunny toys" instead of "homemade rabbit toys" because a certain type of 'adult' toy came up a lot with the second one :/

User is Offline lmais
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10/24/2012 8:51 AM
Ruby goes nuts over toys, she mostly plays with cat toys, bird toys, and baby teething toys (the ones made of hard plastic, not the soft ones). I put a bunch of those baby toys that link together hanging from the cover of her cage and she loves pushing them around with her nose. Same thing with bird toys, I hang them from her cage and she pushes them around trying to get them in her mouth. There's also a cat toy that she loves, it's like Raenesci said, she'll pick it up and drop it a bunch of times, or she'll pick it up and put it on my lap or hand. She also thinks it's hilarious to throw it off of a bed or couch, she throws it off and then dances and goes to get it on the floor.

User is Offline raenesci
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10/24/2012 6:27 PM
thanks so much for the advice! =]

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10/24/2012 7:48 PM
Imais - those are some really good ideas. Thanks!

My first bunny wasn't interested in toys but loooooooved her towel. She'd pull it off her cage, push it around, make different nests/beds to lie in.... It was pretty cute.

Luna seems to like anything but prefers things she can tear up. I just got some vine and willow toys from the BB store and she is devouring them!

User is Offline lmais
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10/25/2012 4:01 AM
If she likes things she can tear you should try the Diggy Box! BB posted a few pics and a video, they filled a box/hamper with a door cut out with cut up newspaper and their bun just dig and tore the paper like crazy. The hamper one seems like the less messy alternative

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10/25/2012 2:14 PM
Skipper has a diggy box that she absolutely loves. I took a box that I got from BB when I got my order of hay from them and cut holes into it for her. When I buy stuff of BB I tend to take the boxes and reuse them for Skipper. We, also, discovered that she loves baby toys. We discovered this when she decided to steal all of my bf's niece's toys when they were left lying around. Her favorite thing is a rattle from Wal-Mart: We hear her throwing it down her ramp in her cage in the middle of the night. =p She had, also, stole the chime toys that his niece had. =p So we went out and bought some just for her. and I think she really likes the sounds that they make. There are some really great willow balls and cubes that BB sells that are great. I bought the Toy Sampler from BB and have two of them on the side of Skipper's cage. She loves to munch and pull on those.

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10/25/2012 3:47 PM
Haha I want to try Ruby with one, but she doesn't have her own room right now and I'm afraid of the mess she'll make :p

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10/26/2012 6:34 AM
Posted By Memarie on 10/24/2012 10:48 PM

My first bunny wasn't interested in toys but loooooooved her towel. She'd pull it off her cage, push it around, make different nests/beds to lie in.... It was pretty cute.

I'm so glad my bun isn't the only one like this!  When I adopted Sinatra, I bought him a whole bunch of toys, willow balls, apple sticks, etc, and he completely ignored EVERYTHING.  After a few days of watching him, I noticed that he always seemed to be digging on his bed before laying down, so I decided to buy something that was a little more dig-able for him to lay on. I went to a curtain warehouse and bought a bunch of cheap bath towels for $3 and I came home and laid one in his cage, on top of his bed, thinking he could dig it into a little nest.  He went BANANAS as soon as I put it in the cage - he started digging, pushing, pulling, and burrowing under it. He LOVES that stupid $3 towel, and completely ignores all of the other toys that I spent eleventy billion dollars on.  

He also gets mega angry when I try to move or rearrange the towel; if he's sitting near it, and I reach into the cage and grab the towel, he immediately lunges and boxes me with his front paws.  Doesn't do that with anything else in his cage, just his beloved towel.  If I reach in to pet his nose while he's sitting on the towel, he's fine, but as soon as I put my hands on the towel, all hell breaks loose.  

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11/11/2012 4:10 PM
That last post about the towel is hilarious!! Haha I'm still figuring out a good toy for my man so I'm gonna try some towels!

Love is all we need xx

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11/11/2012 4:36 PM
lmao @radhika, I just noticed the last little comment about searching rabbit toys. I KNOW. I spent a lot of time wading through all of those um.. "toys"... before finding some sites that were actually useful :p

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11/22/2012 5:16 PM

I think my girl's favorite toy was my tv remote back when I had a tv in my room lol.  She loved to hop up on my bed and knock it off for some reason. She also loves scrunching up blankets and going in her cardboard house.

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12/07/2012 5:31 PM
I saw a video online of a bunny rolling around a soccer ball...has anyone tried that?

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12/15/2012 11:09 AM
Foo loves her blankie, will chase it for hours if it's dangling somewhere, or we hold it for her. She also loves wicker balls, she'll chew them, throw them around, pick them up and drop them. And her hay bin- we have a small plastic container for her hay that she will drag around with her in her home all day. She'll dump the hay where she wants it and then play with the bin. She'll also find things around the house that she wants to call hers- like her Sheepy, she took from our stuffed animals and adopted him. This week, it's the plastic spindle from blank cds. She keeps flipping the one we keep by the computer so the cds fall off and then rolling it around the room.

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12/15/2012 1:25 PM

I have not found something that my bunny will always play with. JB goes through phases and will like a new toy for a week or two and then move on, never touching it again. The best toys have been things I can hold on to and he will try and take them from me or rip up such as willow balls, toilet paper/paper towel tubes, pieces of paper, chew sticks, hay twists, etc. It's quite high maintenance play times around my place!  

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12/16/2012 8:08 AM
Java has this plastic ring with plastic keys dangling on it that he absolutely loves. I think it's just a general baby toy made from hard plastic. He also likes to chew pieces of cardboard and throw around his little radish pellet bowl.

He doesn't play with his toys all the time, but the keyring is the most commonly played with one.

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12/16/2012 10:28 AM
All three of my buns go INSANE for the infamous towel. Their towels are their go-to toy. They are always digging and yanking and shoving them around.

One of my buns is also obsessed with the Kabob toy we hung from the ceiling. It has a bell on the end and he spends hours at a time just yanking on his darn bell! (Good thing he's not housed in the bedroom!). My other bun LOVES his paper towel roll. I had tried a toilet paper roll for him but he lost interest pretty quickly. The paper towel one he can't turn away from though! And my girl loves the cat hidey house we just bought for them. Here's a link of it. Cheap and she LOVES it.

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12/16/2012 12:36 PM
Usagi loves the sampler from binkybunny and anything willow

User is Offline tanlover14
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12/16/2012 1:06 PM
Oh yeah, another thing that kept my buns completely content was the Oxbow Hidey House or Bungalow. It took all 3 of them a good month to destroy it and they ate the whole thing apart. But I'll warn you, it was messy! We are trying a Willow Hidey House this time to give them for Christmas.
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12/16/2012 4:06 PM
My girls don't really play with toys either. I had gotten them a bunch of stuff when I first got them, plastic teething keys, the dangly links and things with bells. They did not touch them. I also got them the Quik Tubes, which they play with and use but I made a tunnel out of a flat piece of cardboard and just kind of folded it into a triangle. They love it!. Probably because it is more stable than the round tubes. But, seriously, they will just run through it all day, in and out, in and out, haha.
My little bunny likes the plastic keys. He also likes to play with his hay. He just kind of picks up one strand and throws it around. He's a towel/blanket digger too. He almost looks kind of angry at it when I give him one, lol.

I tried the diggy box for all of them. Gretel didn't care at all. Sophie was afraid of it, and sat outside of the box pulling single strands of paper and chewing them. I tried to entice her in, and when she finally went in she was all set and went right back out. Little bunny (which I think we have finally named, Turnip) is sort of indifferent about it. He will go in, but doesn't do much with it.

User is Offline jwoo
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12/16/2012 4:43 PM
I actually just made my bunnies a toy, and they are going absolutely nuts over it. I just saw it on a blog post and had a huge paper towel roll so I figured I would try it. You just need the cardboard tube leftover from paper towels rolls or toilet paper. Cut them into rings and wrap them around themselves. Fill it with some pellets or whatever your rabbits like. I did pellets and craisins and then let them have at it. They are going bananas trying to get the treats out of the ball.

User is Offline Beccaberry
London, UK
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12/18/2012 2:12 PM
I am so jealous of you guys and your buns who like toys!! Mine ignores most of them like some of yous have said! :'( I've bought so many balls and wooden sticks and throwy things and all sorts which she just ignores or pees on

I have found some though like the post earlier about the towel and digging but I get worried that she pulls strands out and eats it which I have cught her doing =(

Also I saw the same DIY thing as you jwoo and wolfie goes crazy over that too!!! When she wasnt eating the new hay i got her since I ran out and it was the only thing in stock i did the loo ring wrap ting and she ate actually ate the hay to get to the goods. She loved chucking it about and throwing it everywhere and then picking it up and running around with it lol.

Also I dunno if any of yous get this in america but this thing is AMAZING

"The Goodbite Tiny and Natural Carrot by Ferplast are a useful tool to avoid excessive rodent teeth growth.
The Goodbite Tiny and Natural Carrot is environmentally friendly and biodegradable and made from non genetically modified cornstarch.
The use of cornstarch is a guarantee of a natural and non-toxic product, without any animal fat."

I think it's the best toy that has't been DIY i've purchased that she will continually gnaw for hours straight! Its a hard corn starch toy which I got for her because she kept going for plastic/rubber/hard things she would find and so i figured she liked that sort of texture. ATM its 1am and she's throwing it about and gnawing at it stilland its so loud shaking the cage lol but she's happy so i'm happy. She also does this weird thing when she picks it up runs around drops it down carries on gnawing picks it up runs some where else and then carries on. It doesn't last long maybe about 2/3 days if she's at it constantly but because its really hard AND its completely natural. It IS inexpensive and I buy it in bulk which gets costly after a while. Plus it keeps her teeth proper trim! Really recommend it!

Also my bunny sometimes chews her willow ball but only when she has chewed everything else its like her last resort.

User is Offline Baby-Daisy
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12/23/2012 4:45 AM
My bunnys fav toy is a piece of card board rolled up.
I just take about a foot long piece of card board that is about 2 inches thick and repetivly fold it and then i put it on a flat surface and it pop open inot a spiral thingy
Daisy, my sweet loving bunny. I will always love you!

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