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10/06/2012 11:21 AM

Hello i am new to binkybunny but i come on the website all the time, 

We are making a giant outdoor run for my bunnies and it is 10ft by 12ft ( i think ) it is HUGE  and i was reading a rabbit info book called  dwaf rabbits and there are lots of run ideas and all the toys and tunnels and such are made of wood and rock and it is sooo cool so i was wandering if any of you have some ideas of natural things to put in the run.



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10/06/2012 11:41 AM
Hey, Welcome to BB!

This outdoor run is only for playtime, right? They're not being kept outside all the time are they?

Also, Oxbow carries some GREAT nature play products for rabbits that are made completely out of timothy hay. My buns LOVE them and they are completely safe -- food and toy in one! They have a lot of really great hide-outs which would be great for the buns!

How many buns do you have and how old are they?? Bun pictures are a must when you come to BB! Love to see your little furry family members!!
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10/08/2012 6:39 AM
I agree that the Oxbow products are very safe and bunny friendly. I would suggest checking out the binkybunny store, too. You can put the cardboard tunnel into it, or willow balls and toys. Natural seagrass mattes are good for floors. hanging toys from the top or sides may be fun, too.

I hope it is being totally covered for protection from predators and the elements. Sounds grand!
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10/28/2012 11:03 AM
Well actually my bunnies are outdoor bunnies but they live in a warm shed this will only be for when its warm enough

and thank you so much for the answers, if you are wondering this is my new account since it wouldnt let me log back in