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Last Post by SnowflakeN'Elie at 8/30/2012 12:58 PM (10 Replies)
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8/29/2012 6:49 AM

This is her's about 5 square feet with a half gallon water bottle, hay rack, litter box, salt lick, food dish that has a clamp to hold it to the wall and toy that she never plays with. Does everybody think it's OK? Also, i'm worried about lighting, don't rabbits need like 8 hours of complete dark per day (or is it just dark...)?

Thanks...please forgive my utter ignorance

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8/29/2012 7:11 AM
I would encourage you to look for a bigger home for seems a tad cramped. Many of our members expand their rabbits' habitats by buying a puppy exercise pen to create a bigger enclosure, but leaving the original cage (door open) inside the pen so that the rabbit has a cozier option as well as room to run. How are Snowy's litter habits?
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8/29/2012 8:38 AM
I would agree that it looks pretty cramped (but good for a short-term solution). We built a really nice big 3-level condo that doesn't take up much room since it's higher up than over and the buns love it. It's built totally out of NIC cubes and not hard to make. There's a ton of threads with info on them.
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8/29/2012 9:25 AM
Thanks guys! this is helpful!

Yeah i'm scared to try multiple levels because of her leg...she tends to be clumsy too so i'd worry she'd fall off the ramp. I've been looking at X-pens, but they're all way out of my price range =(. Know where cheaper once are?

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8/29/2012 10:02 AM

I would highly suggest checking out Craigslist for used options. Maybe also Ebay and even garage sales. Depending on how much the pen is out of your price range, you can also ask your local pet stores if they have any upcoming sales going on. 

When I first got my bunny I had him in a similar cage and let him run around my studio when I was at home. He is litter trained and neutered, and doesn't make messes. I wire-proofed and bunny-proofed my whole apartment, and now he runs around freely 24/7. No accidents yet...knock on wood! I was able to return the cage I was keeping him in (actually it was a dog crate) and a lot of the things I had gotten for him, so I saved money also. 

Good luck with your bunny's home - he is adorable!

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8/29/2012 10:42 AM
Cool! Cragslist...i'll check it out!

Yeah sounds like what i do with Snow; she runs around my room (chewing on my cardboard stuff) and every other day in our bunny proofed living room. Everwhere else in the house is linoleum or wood floors which scares her to death.

Love your rabbit!!! soo pretty (or is it handsome?=D)

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8/29/2012 11:23 AM
I would just leave the hay in a pile in the corner of the litter box. That hay rack is kind of small and the wires look like it would be hard for her to get the hay out!

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8/29/2012 11:45 AM
There is hay in her LB...on the hay rack i leave the door open and make the hay poke out the door. She gets it fine.

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8/29/2012 4:04 PM
Welcome Snowflake and Elie : )

Is it hay/straw covering the bottom of the crate? Does Snowflake tend to soil this also? By keeping the floor bare, they get better at using just their litterbox to do their business. And it makes cleaning their habitat a whole lot easier!
If the crate has a wire bottom, you would need to use something solid as a floor for it.

The space looks nice for her if she gets time to roam out and about. Is she good about going back in there to toilet?

I agree about finding a second hand pen. That would save $$s and they're easy to clean up. Or look into getting some NIC grids and fashioning a pen or run with a top that attaches to the crate.
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8/29/2012 4:32 PM
Ah if she has a tricky leg it may be wise to avoid levels I think the cage is plenty as a home, but she'll needs lots of out time. instead of buying an xpen, I suggest buying some storage cubes to make one! You could make one by attaching cubes to the cage, or make a free standing one.

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8/30/2012 12:58 PM
This is an AWESOME idea...much Tanks Yous from The Princess Snowflake! =D

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