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8/09/2012 6:28 PM
Hello all. Just returned from a short break to share this and seek advice from it.

The last few weeks have become rough with my bunnies. They have been shedding immensely, and one of them has lost his litter box habits and has gone to peeing on the fleece and making a big mess. :/ After having my cage a few months, I also am pretty unhappy with the design. It is 42 in. Wide by 56 in long and is about 5 feet tall. It's quite massive, but I believe in providing adequet space for my animals. The door that flips down on the second level doesn't offer me enough space to comfortably clean the cage, and the cable ties securing the grids poke and scratch anyone with the sharp ends. The first floor is hard to clean, luckily I can fit inside of it . The cage is nice, but needs to be improved. I have two not altered bunny boys, and we rescued one from being euthanized three days before Christmas, otherwise I wouldn't of wanted two boys. They will be neutered soon and hope fully bonded so they can share a cage.
Can anyone suggest a suitable cage design and dimesions that would work for my two boys until they are neutered.
Also, random question, but does anyone mind sharing a daily / weekly schedule and timeframe that they do for their buns?
I really apprieciate the input from this site and hope to get some out of this one. Thank you.
I have included a picture of their current setup below. (:

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8/09/2012 6:29 PM
Sorry about the broken link :/ Please use:

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8/10/2012 5:11 AM
What about an xpen. You could divide it in two with nic grids. less pokey, easier to clean. Ideally two would be best so they could each have the most room but it would take more room in your living quarters than your current cage.

Bunjamin's routine:
I wake up, get him lettuce (if the bf hasn't already when he leaves early for work). But I let him out
He plays until noonish then he goes into his condo or his tunnel to sleep until 4ish. He comes looking for a snack so I give him either another green (cilantro, arugula, etc) or some pellets. Then he naps and goofs off until 7. Then it's play time until we decide to go to bed. Then he gets more lettuce of a different type and the rest of his pellets and a "night night" treat. Those all get him back in the condo for the night.