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6/18/2012 2:18 AM

Little Doll has been living in a large cage in our living room. However I still feel that it doesnt give the bunny enough room to be happy. I uploaded pictures with cage and x-pen.


I've been trying to litterbox train the bunny but she hasnt completely learned it yet. Because of that I cannot let her run freely in the living room because I have to clean pee and poop each time and we have wood floors. So, I wanted to give her as much space as possible inside our living room. We have a big house, but other rooms have carpets, and then the bunny would be isolated from people.

I set up the x-pen on top of x-pen floor mat. I am worried because I dont know if the bunny likes it or if she is scared. The very first thing she did when I put her inside the pen, she hid in her hideaway box and stayed there for awhile. Later she came out, was eating and acting normally. Also, the cage was raised high on legs but the x-pen is right on the floor. I dont know if bunnies like to be elevated off the floor or not.

I put 2 litterboxes, her hideaway box, food and water dishes and cuddle cup. She absolutely loves the cuddle cup but unfortunately she pees and poops in it each time so I have to launder it daily. But I feel bad taking it away from her because she loves it so much.

Please, look at the picture and tell me what you think about the setting. Should I add anything. I wonder if I should put a hutch elevated on legs because she is used to live in high cage.

I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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6/18/2012 4:31 AM
Hi LittleDoll, the photo isn't showing up - can you try and repost it?

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6/18/2012 4:38 AM
I don't see the pix so check to see if you uploaded it correctly.
It sounds like a good setup, and I did the same thing - switched to xpen from cage - and it has been better. No, they don't prefer an elevated floor, so that's fine.
I happen to use a 4x5 foot area rug that I got at Targets for very little $ (Sarita finds them at Walmart) and then put 100% cotton sheet wrapped around it for a soft floor instead of hardwood or tile. Some bunnies like hard floors, but I did this to protect my home's floor and not have tasty rug fibres. Sounds like you have the floor issue covered. (Pardon the pun)
You might take the cuddle cup away for just 3 days max, and put hay in one end of the litter pan, just to get her trained. Also, try using only one litter pan inside the xpen and leave the other one out in the room for when she's out of the pen to play. You want to find the corner she seems to pee in most often, and put that pan in that spot. If you see her lift her tail somewhere else in the room or pen, scoop her up and place her in the litter pan. Then if she goes in it, praise her or give her a little treat like a raisin. She can get her cuddle cup back, but not until she stops thinking it's a place to go. And wash it with white vinegar before rinsing it. That will completely rid it of her scent, and may even repel her a bit but should help break the association. Hopefully after a few days it will just be a cuddle cup again. (Btw, watch out for chewing. I had one that Sammy loved, until I found big holes and stuffing gone. Terrible stuff to ingest and it broke my heart but I had to toss it. I now use 100% cotton flannel yard cuttings of fabric that she snuggles and bunches up. It's safer if she ingests it.)
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HABITATS AND TOYS > I replaced a cage in living room with x-pen. Please see pic and tell me if its good for the bun.