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New Hampshire
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6/11/2012 4:30 AM

I just got a new addition to my family on Thursday. 

I've bought Maisy toys and chewy things to chew on, I also gave her a phonebook, paper plate, and gave her two toilet paper/paper towel rolls to play with.

I've noticed she isn't really into chewing things, therefore she generally doesn't play with these toys I've given her.

I know that having things to chew on for oral purposes is really important for buns. Which is why I'm worried that she will have problems with her teeth if I can't get her to chew some things!

Maybe it's because she's new to my house? I don't want her to get bored so does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do? Buy different toys, or even make some? She's a 9 week old American Fuzzy if that helps any. Thanks in advance!


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6/11/2012 4:36 AM
The absolute best thing for rabbits for dental health is grass hay - that is what keeps their teeth ground down and their gi tract moving properly.

Chew toys are just for boredom purposes only.

She is probably in sensory overload at this point too and once she settles down, if she likes to play with toys she will at that time - reintroduce the toys at a later date.

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6/12/2012 4:11 PM
My bunny loves willow rings, balls, and basically anything willow. He also loves toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay. He also enjoys playing with his plastic baby keys. Grass hay is what is going to wear down her teeth for the most part though.