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9/25/2009 9:54 AM

Click on the link to see how much Thumper loves her sea grass mat (used in an area where she likes to dig up carpet)!


User is Offline Sarita
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9/25/2009 10:00 AM
Hope you have plenty of spares :~)

User is Offline mrmac
San Diego, CA
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9/25/2009 10:50 AM
She loves those! I have been wanting to get some of those!

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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9/25/2009 11:38 AM
lol! SHe's having a blast with those!

User is Offline tabalab
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9/25/2009 2:04 PM
nice use of the wii fit board!
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User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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9/25/2009 2:29 PM
Sammy loves hers too. I couldn't be without them. You can cut them into strips and put them near the edges of carpet and baseboards for an attractive alternative to pulling up carpet and chewing wood.
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User is Offline bunnymum
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9/25/2009 5:09 PM
Cute bunny and video! I am going to have to order some of those!! Looks like a blast!!
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User is Offline QueenThumper
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9/26/2009 7:04 AM
She has an obsession with destroying things she can't move, she also likes to chew at a huge blanket that hangs down from the couch after she burrows behind it, so I weighed it down using my Guitar Hero World Tour drumset. ^_^ And thank for the WiiFit board shout-out! Hehe... I'm using it to block off all of the electrical outlets for my Wii, TV, DVD player, etc.

User is Offline SophieBun
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9/30/2009 8:36 PM

very nice video!! looks like she was having so much fun. I got Sophie one seagrass mat but she doesn't pay attention to it maybe she's more of a chewer than digger lol

User is Offline QueenThumper
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10/01/2009 1:08 PM
Thumper didn't pay attention to it either until I put it in a corner of the room where she likes to dig up the carpet. I think it started out as something that was in the way, so she tried to move it, then when she couldn't she got really into it. Lol...

User is Offline mlpr
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6/22/2017 4:41 AM
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