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9/03/2006 6:56 AM

Last night Boo was sitting in her favourite place ( underneath the sofa) I had to temp her out with a raisin so that I could check her wound. She popped out and started making this really weird noise, It sounded like a grunt but lower pitched and not so strained, she continued to do this for over an hour I suppose she sounded a bit like a dove but the vocalization was deeper. I got up to check her this morning and she is still making this sound. I called the emergency vet just to be sure but they said there was no need for a visit and that because she was eating drinking normally and wasnt grinding her teeth she was fine.

I couldnt find much info on the net other than, when dwarf does nurse their kittens they make gentle cooing noises. But i really cant tell if she is just content or in pain. She isnt sitting hunched up and is behaving normally. Is she just very happy and content or do you think its something else?? she does have a check up tomorrow so I will bring it up with the vet.

User is Offline Elena Niznik
Glasgow (Scotland)
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9/04/2006 9:29 AM
Hi all verdict from the vet is that rabbits sometimes make cooing sounds when they are extremely happy or when they are nursing their kittens. The vet pointed out this link for me so I could compare Boo's sound to that of a rabbit coo. And I was relieved to know that the sound she was aking was in fact a happy coo. HOORAY!!

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9/04/2006 12:04 PM
Some bunnies make a slight grinding of the teeth when they're blissed out - it sounds like Boo likes to coo :-) Maybe because it rhymes with her name better!
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9/06/2006 3:17 AM
Sable does tooth purring, it must be really amazing to hear other sounds.  Thanks for posting that link!  Now I'll know what I'm hearing if he ever does something like that.

.. and all the bunny pics and bunny pottery on that site are adorable!
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9/06/2006 9:33 PM

WHEW!   Sometimes bunnies make a low honking sound too when they want to mate. (more typical of males, but I have heard it in females too)  So since it takes her hormones some time to die down, maybe she was also 'in the mood".

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9/12/2006 11:09 AM
dougal spends most of his team soundling like he's wielding a lightsabre. whenever he hops anywhere he makes it. for the first few days at my parents they kept asking if he was farting!

User is Offline Elena Niznik
Glasgow (Scotland)
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9/13/2006 9:28 AM
ahahahahha thats so cute, boo used to sound like a light sabre when ever she was in the mood,