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9/18/2006 11:05 PM

We had Milo out last night for a little run around and i was playing with him and stroking him and giving him cuddles when he came to me and then my dad came round and he gave me some post so i opened it and Milo came bounding towards me trying to steal the envelope from me and was biting it then he jumped up on me and bit me...

so i thought.. ok maybe he's jelous of an envelope so i put him down and looked at the letter again and he started biting the envelope again..

cripes tho..  looks like if i dont pay him attention for 1 second i'm in his bad books

are bunny's really that possessive?

after that he came and sat on my chest so that i could make a fuss of him..

bless him

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9/19/2006 3:17 AM
aww! mine aren't that possessive but Lollo does try to wrestle the dustpan out my hands when i'm sweeping up, and he doesn't stop until i tell him off (and then comes back and tries again!). it's funny what they take a dislike to!

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9/21/2006 11:57 PM

AH, what a personality Milo has!  He sounds adorable!   He might be thinking he's helping you move stuff around.  He's working as a team member. 

 I know that if I am folding a blanket on the floor, my bunnies will come over and sniff it, and then if I start pushing it around, they will do the same.   Or if I put a box down, and I start tearing the sides up a bit, they will join in.   I think they figure....Well it must be some important chore that we must get done.