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11/03/2012 7:52 PM

Hi there,

My baby bunny sneezes occasionally after she cleans herself. There's no discharge and she's otherwise well as far as I can tell - eating and drinking fine, loafing about all the time, constantly coming to us for cuddles. I think she's fine, but I wanted to check!

Is it normal? It only happens after cleaning herself, so I wonder if she's sneezing away any fur that may have gotten in her way. She's molting a bit at the moment.


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11/04/2012 1:18 AM
Well if she appears ok, there's sno discharge or wheezing, I'd say she's just sneezing away the airborn fur she's just groomed from herself. Especially seen as it only happens when she's finished grooming, Keep an eye on her though, you never know with these bunnies, they hide illness so well. Good Luck, binky on x
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11/04/2012 2:49 AM
Sounds like just some fluff in the nose. Sneezing is the only way buns can get stuff out of their nose. Just keep an eye for discharge.
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11/04/2012 3:02 AM
I had the same worry with Ruby, my vet said it's usually getting fluff from grooming out of their nose, it can also happen from dust, including the dust from hay when you open/move the bag. She said as long as there's no discharge and it's not happening all the time then there is nothing to worry about

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11/04/2012 11:01 AM
Thanks all! Will keep an eye on her but she seems to be the happiest bunny on the block