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10/14/2012 10:14 AM

Bilbo's 10weeks old-ish. He's been with me for a week now and is really adorable. I'm trying to litter train him. He's mastered pee'ing really well, and nearly always uses the litter tray but he poops (whilst eating hay!) anywhere in his cage.. I've tried to put the hay in a rack above his litter tray but he start pee'ing elsewhere so I put it back to where it was he is pooping where ever he likes in his cage.. Is there anyway I can solve this without having to rely on where his hay is being put? I always put his poop straight into his tray also once he's poo'd but it doesn't seem to be doing alot. 

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10/14/2012 11:17 AM

I am going to move your post to our Behavior Section.

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10/15/2012 1:40 PM
10 weeks old is really the start of getting the hang of, well, everything. You are doing really well having him pee exclusively in the litter box. Putting his poos back into the litter right away is what I would suggest, so keep doing that. Also, if you ever catch him making his poos in the pan, give him praise and a small treat reward before he jumps out. It will reinforce that it's the place to be for good things to happen.

If he does it outside the box, just ignore it except for putting the poos back in the pan. Don't chastise him, just ignore and praise when he does it right. He'll catch on very quickly.
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