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10/08/2012 9:40 PM

Piper totally flattens herself and really gets into it when I pet her face (up and down between her eyes) as well as full body. Cocoa seems to really like both face and full body petting but he doesn't flatten himself.

I only brought Caramel home 6 days ago, so I've just been giving him time to get used to everyone/everything. Cleaning his pen, giving him fresh food and water, and just sitting close to his pen and talking to him. Each time I would clean his pen I would let him smell me and pet him just a bit, and over time it became obvious that he was beginning to relax a bit.

Well for the first time as I was doing some spot cleaning of his pen this evening he kept smelling and following my hand. So I started to pet him and he really seemed to like it. He even flattened himself. Then when I would stop he would follow my hand and press his head against it wanting more.


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10/09/2012 2:43 AM
Cute!!! I'm glad he seems so fond of you already.

Some buns are very demanding with pets. Olivia will shove her face under your hand, no matter what you are doing. "Hey, I'm here and I'm ready for attention. Let's go."
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10/09/2012 9:16 AM
Piper will come running if you go anywhere near her pen and just LOVES to be pet.


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10/10/2012 1:52 PM
That's so cute! =]

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10/11/2012 8:54 AM
So cute!
- Elrohwen