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10/08/2012 4:15 PM
             I own a 3 year old female dutch rabbit. We have been together for almost all her life (except when she was with her mother) She is sometimes aggressive. Is this normal? Shes especially irratated near her food and litter box which i understand. But Im honestly uncomfortable in her cage when im playing with her. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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10/08/2012 5:58 PM
Is she spayed? She's probably just very territorial with hormones. If she isn't, get her spayed, it will probably reduce her territorial instincts.If she is, she is obviously just over protective and sees those things as hers and hers only. Some things never change! Haha!
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10/08/2012 6:48 PM
I definitely 2nd the spay thing above.

I have a very territorial rabbit as well (and she is spayed). I call it her "bun-ittude". Basically, what we have done is make her things, our things. It might be a little more difficult since she is older - but I would start by spending time with her when you feed her. Maybe feed her in a separate place (somewhere new) and sit with her while she eats. I'd also try switching up her home. If it's a NIC condo - maybe switch the floors around.

My bun also will take pellets as treats one at a time from us and will gently take them from our hands - which is awesome if you knew what a territorial terror she is. This has taken time but I feel like it really lets her know that we are her humans and need to be respected. The only time she gets aggressive now is when my boyfriend is torturing (/he thinks he's "playing") with her and she will nip. But - that's what he gets and that's a whole different story.

I'd try it - it takes a lot of time and patience but it makes for a better experience as a bunny owner.

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10/08/2012 8:56 PM
I three the spay, lol.

My almost 3 year old girl is a spayed bun. The only time she gets aggressive is when she is in her condo and I try to change her litter box or water bowl. So I wait until she is done being in her condo and I what I have to do.

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10/08/2012 9:27 PM
She may be possessive of her area, so you may want to try playing with her out of her cage instead

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10/09/2012 4:20 PM
Thanks guys! Especially bmt87, that was great info! I'll try some of your suggestions.

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10/11/2012 3:28 AM
I have a 5 year old female bun who was spayed at around a year old. She is super territorial and I get beat up on a daily basis (she pummels me with her hands and grunts) when I try to do stuff in her condo. It's normal for females to be more territorial, obviously, some are more than others. Spaying definitely reduces some of the behavior but usually doesn't eliminate it, especially for a bunny who is spayed at a later age.

I've accepted this aggression as part of Olivia's personality. She doesn't actually hurt me so there's not much harm in it. In the wild, female rabbits are in charge of the burrow and the safety of their babies and warren, so it makes sense that their domesticated cousins retain some of that behavior.
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