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9/16/2012 3:04 PM

Hey this is my first ever post here on Binkybunny!

I have a male black mini lop and he'll be a year old this November, now I have a few questions regarding behaviour and lack off.

-Is he a teenager or adult now?

-When will he start spraying and what is it?

-What can I make for him to climb on since he loves it

-How can I stop him for eating the plastic under his house's newspaper and straw bedding? He always pulls it up and chews on it.

-He licks everything and has ever since I got him. He'll lick me like crazy whenever he gets the chance to even when it's not a reward from patting him

Anyone got any tips?

I look forward to hearing from some of the wonderful people from the forum!

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9/16/2012 3:18 PM
Hello Welcome to BB!
- I'm pretty sure when a rabbit turns between 7-9 months old they are considered adult.
- He has probably been spraying for a while now (and if not lucky you!) and it is them spraying some urine to mark what is theirs. It's kind of like a boy dog that lifts his leg every two minutes when he smells another dog in the street.
- You can give him boxes to climb on (make sure they are secure enough to hold his weight). I've used shoe boxes before.
- What is the plastic for? Not really sure what it is but if he is eating it I would suggest removing it.
- The licking is a good thing it means he loves you and is grooming you. If I were you I wouldn't try to discourage it .

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9/16/2012 7:38 PM

- He's just rounding the corner into adult now.
- Not all bunnies spray, but those that do usually begin around 6 months of age or whenever their hormones start to rise. I've thankfully never had a spraying rabbit, but they arc their urine to mark territory which, as you can imagine, can create quite a mess.
- IsabellaRobyn has a great suggestion with boxes! Also, some people build basic structures with untreated wood for bunnies that love to climb.
- What does his house setup look like? We usually discourage using bedding and litter anywhere except in the litter box..this usually makes litter training easier. What is the plastic for?
- The licking is great! He sounds like a friendly little guy .

Are you planning to have him neutered?
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9/18/2012 4:14 PM


If you get him neutered you won't have to worry about spraying, the chewing might also decrease. What is the plastic for though? It's bad for him to ingest plastic, so if you can't keep him from getting to it I would advise you to get it out of his cage.

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9/18/2012 5:33 PM
-I'd say he's an adult or almost one now.
-If he hasn't started spraying by now, he might never start unless you get a new pet or he smells another bunny. He could also start for no reason at some point. If he's neutered, he'll probably never spray.
-A sturdy cardboard box (no tape, staples, etc.) is a great toy for jumping. I also highly recommend the Maze Haven, which is sold on this website.
-As long as he's not actually swallowing the plastic, it's fine if he chews on it. I guess you could cover it with cardboard or try using lemon juice on it if you really don't want him to chew it. Also, you shouldn't be using any litter/bedding besides towels or rugs outside of the litter box - it makes litter training a lot harder.
-That's normal. One of my bunnies did that before I got him a bonded friend. He's just really affectionate. If you ever get another bunny and bond them, he'll probably stop licking so much. It's certainly not a problem, though.
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