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9/11/2012 9:17 AM

yeah pipkin is still attacking me. havent tried to feed him out of my hand since your last bit of advice, and i wash my hands before going near him. he will let me stroke him a few times then he will lunge and nip. but as soon as i sit down on the floor he climbs up on my knee and cuddles into the crook of my arm. i'm getting very mixed signals. he doesnt do it to my husband or anyone else just me. but its really starting to hurt now. is there anyway to discourage this? i've tried squealling to let him know its hurting me but he takes no notice. hes not scared of me. or else hed go for my feet as well, he just tries to climb up my leg. its just my hands he goes for. but then he'll start licking them. he actually grunted at me yesterday when he went for my hand. its not like he doesnt get handled when he isnt bitting me he sits in my lap and watches tv while i stroke him or curls up in my wool beside me when i'm knitting. 

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9/11/2012 9:53 AM
Is he altered?

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9/11/2012 9:59 AM
hes only six weeks old... well seven now. i was told i had to wait for him to be 12 weeks before i got him snipped to give him a better chance of not dying. or is that a load of cobble?

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9/11/2012 10:05 AM
You have to wait until his testicles descend which is usually around 3 1/2 to 4 months.

I think you need to have a bit of patience with him since he is young. When he nips you, maybe try placing your hand on his head and showing your dominance. He really just sounds like an over excited baby rabbit to me.

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9/11/2012 10:08 AM
oh... okay hand on his head thank you sarita

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9/12/2012 5:36 AM
Also, when you reach for him, try it palm up, and with your fingers together so there's no space between them. Picture a hawk's claw, and then see if you've been lowering your hand with fingers spread from above. To a bunny it often resembles a claw, so they fight your hand.

Sammy does this to me too, even now, when I pet her past a certain point on her sides. It's just that she's very sensitive in that area (ticklish?) and doesn't want me to touch her there, so she makes it known with growls and nips. He may never grow out of it, but needs to train you to respect his sensitive spots.
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