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9/11/2012 2:38 AM

Hi everyone,today I have a question from my best friend....

She has 2 female rabbits , Beauty with almost 1 year and a half  and Delilah with almost 3 years or almost 4 years, sorry I'm not sure.

But recently they started fighting and I advised her  to spay them .....But the problem is that Delilah has a respiratory problem since she was young and recently she broke her foot, now she is fine but she is still taking meds....Catarina (my best friend) doesn't wan't to spay Delilah it's just too mutch for her and even though she is sometimes a bit territorial she is good litter trained and she is not aggressive or anything. Personally I agree with Catarina,cause  although she has a high risk of having cancer I wouldn't do the procedure it's just too mutch for her

What do you think should she spay the two or can she  just spay Beauty???

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9/11/2012 3:03 AM
Has Delilah been seen by a vet for her respiratory problem? I think the best thing to do would be to discuss her spay risk with an experienced rabbit vet. That's really the only way to know if she should be spayed or not.

I would definitely get Beauty spayed. Like you mentioned, the risk of cancer in females is very high.

Spaying only Beauty may help some aggression but it won't help if Delilah is the one causing the fights. Keeping 2 intact females together is risky and I'm surprised they have a bond at all. How long have they been together?
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9/11/2012 5:25 AM
Ditto what LPT said. Spaying is always a good idea for female rabbits due to the high risk of cancer. If the vet says that Delilah isn't healthy enough to be spayed, then I would listen to their advice, but there's no way to know without consulting a vet.
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9/11/2012 5:49 AM

Hi ,They have been bonded since Beauty was a baby , but I'm not sure,I will have to ask her.

Beauty is the cause of the problem , they have been fighting since Delilah came from the vet because of her broken foot, but Delilah is the calm one she just freeze while beauty bites her(of course she separated them, it just wasn't fair for Delilah)

Catarina has tried to bond them again, but it didn't work out.........It's all so strange.....

She is going to the vet , probably next week or so,so next week I will tell you the news ,but honestly I'm not that confident,but well ...we will see

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9/11/2012 5:58 AM
With her more advanced age (3-4 years) the vet would probably want to do blood work anyways prior to surgery. The only real risk would be undergoing anesthesia, but you said she recently broke her foot. Did she have surgery then?
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9/11/2012 6:55 AM
Its not really so strange, its pretty rare for un-altered bunnies to get along. She either ought to get them both spayed (Its not *that* much stress on an animal, providing the vet is willing), and start actively bonding them rather than hoping they'll get along.

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9/11/2012 7:23 AM

She did  have surgery but it was far less invasive than spaying, well that is what catarina said, idk........But still the vet said it was a risky procedure 

We know that with fixed bunnies is easier to bond, but we were just trying to see if it worked, after almost 1 year and a half together....

We know all the pros and cons about it, we are just afraid , that's all

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9/28/2012 12:37 PM
Hi ,sorry for the lateness of the reply.But unfortunately I come with bad news
I haven't been able to post here lately... I have been so busy with the FCE exams and all the others diagnostic tests....
But I talked to Catarina last Monday and her and Delilah went to the vet to have a health check up.Catarina didn't tell me much , but the vet said Delilah was healthy, however, because of her age and respiratory disease, and with the surgery for the broken foot, he said that it would be really risky and although Delilah is healthy (beside her respiratory disease) , he said that it isn't a good idea to submit Delilah to the procedure...((((
I'm not sure but Catarina will most certainly follow the vet decision.And just going to spay Beauty..
That is all I know:/What do you think is going to happen with their bonding????

User is Offline Wendy_Japan
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10/05/2012 7:36 AM

Do any of you know wht is going to happen with their bonding???

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
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10/05/2012 12:26 PM
WEll I really doubt they can stay together unspayed. It's important she gets the other spayed sooner than later. What is the respiratory disease? Is the other bunny at risk to get this because they are together?

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10/05/2012 12:42 PM
Sounds like the vet isn't sure he can do it, to me.

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