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Minneapolis, MN
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8/06/2012 5:37 PM

Hello, I'm new to the community so forgive me if this topic has been posted a million times already. I've had my new Netherland dwarf/mini Rex mixed bunny for a week now and he keeps nipping/biting me, especially on my fingers or toes. Most of the time it doesn't hurt, and a lot of the time it starts out as licking and then progresses to nibbling, but sometimes he'll bite down too hard. I'm continuing to do the yelping after he nips me too hard, but I don't think he's getting it. This morning I was trimming his nails for the first time and he bit my finger and drew blood :-( I've noticed that he will also sometimes chew a little bit on my clothes, hair, and scratch at my clothes if Im sitting on the floor with him while he's out of his cage. I've had a bunny before when I was younger but she was so well-behaved and wasn't as active as Frankie (the bunny I have now) and she would actually stay tranced when I went to go pet her, whereas Frankie is more hyper and doesn't want to be petted as much and stay still. Is this all normal behavior for a bunny, particularly the biting? Frankie is about 7-8 weeks old and hasn't been neutered yet. Thanks!

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8/06/2012 6:47 PM
Some bunnies are just more active than others. They all have different personalities and likes. Sounds like your bunny is a chewer. Do you have lots of toys for him to chew on? Cardboard boxes would be great for this. Also, toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls are great. My Cinnabun is a chewer as well and she is surrounded by cardboard. Untreated wooden toys are great as well (make sure its untreated wood and pet safe!). Sounds like Frankie is also just really young and still learning. Sometimes I find the bites are because you are in their way (Cinnabun does this to me all the time).

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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8/07/2012 3:02 AM
My bunnies bite occasionally, especially when they were younger. I'm assuming he bit your finger out of fear during the nail trim. Most bunnies get really stressed out about having their nails done.

The nipping your fingers and toes just sounds like a young bunny exploring. He will most likely grow out of it. Keep up with the yelping to discourage.

It's very normal for a young bunny to be hyper and not wanting to be petted. Most bunnies will gradually calm down and learn to accept it.
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8/07/2012 3:46 AM
Young bunnies tend to put everything in their mouths, like puppies, but they grow out of it. Since he wants to be with you, it can help to get up and walk away to a place he can't follow (like behind a baby gate) so show him that nipping makes his playmate leave.
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8/07/2012 3:54 AM
It's understandable that he nipped you when trimming his toenails - rabbits just don't like that. Much of this behavior is age related as well as other members have mentioned.

My rabbits have never responded to the yelps and I always feel stupid doing that too - I don't mind nips either but bites, I would just walk away as Elrohwen suggests.

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Minneapolis, MN
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8/07/2012 5:50 AM
Thanks everyone for your responses! I will try getting up and walking away next time and will keep up the yelping as well :-)

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