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8/05/2012 12:45 PM

Hatter loves, LOVES, eating. If anything that remotely resembles food is left out at all he will eat it. I used to let my buns have free run of my apartment but Hatter has started eating the cat food both dry and moist. I have to put everything up where he can't get it when I let my buns have run time. He's recently taken his obsession for eating one step further.

I was at the computer and realized Hatter wasn't near me. He's always near me during run time. When I found him, he was in the kitty litter box and was eating the cat liter. Now, when I let my buns out he makes a b-line for the kitty box. I have to close off the bathroom so he doesn't go in there. I feel like he would keep eating and eating the litter had I not found him and pulled him out.

Does anyone else have these problems? Do you have any other suggestions besides putting the kitty food up and closing the bathroom? I feel bad about closing the bathroom because then my cats cannot get to their potty.

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8/06/2012 5:21 AM
First, I would suggest a covered kitty litter pan that you might be able to see if he goes in there.
Next, I would switch to Feline Pine litter if your cats are willing to change. They are pellets, and are safe for bunnies, often used as bunny litter as well, so you know they won't hurt him. (Cheap in pet or grocery stores and come in big bags, too.) Pine shavings are NOT safe for bunnies, but the pelleted kind IS. Most cat litters could be very dangerous to ingest, so this way you won't have to worry quite as much.

Try saying NO to him when he's in there. When he starts to chew on something he's not supposed to, have a spray bottle with 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. You don't spray him, you spray the thing he's chewing. The scent will repel him. You can try spraying it around the litter box, unless the cats object. (Good for chewed on baseboards, furniture legs, etc.)
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8/06/2012 9:35 AM

Would you be willing to put a baby gate in the bathroom doorway? I have a regular baby gate that keeps my rabbits from escaping but my cats easily jump over it, that way they can go back and forth as they please but the two biggest trouble makers in the house (the bunnies) can't  If you did this you would have to watch and see if your cats are willing/able to do that, but if you find out that they do then they would always have access to their litter box.

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8/06/2012 10:40 AM
Can you just put a gate up in front of the bathroom? Keeps bunny out, but the cats can jump over it.
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8/06/2012 3:54 PM
I currently use World's Best Cat litter. It is made out of corn. I've used Feline Pine in the past but wasn't a fan as my cats tracked it all over the apartment. I can give it a shot again. The litter box is a covered box and it is pretty big. I'd have to get an uncovered one to be able to see him in there.

Saying NO to Hatter doesn't work. He looks at me and then continues what he's doing. I will give the 50/50 spray a shot. I'm not sure how my cats will react but it never hurts to try. And I would put a gate up but my oldest kitty is 20 and can't jump over one anymore. He's a special needs kitty so I have to make things easy for him.

I really appreciate the suggestions! I'm going to try switching litter and give the 50/50 spray around the kitty box a shot. Wish me luck!

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8/06/2012 5:10 PM
The corn cat litter can cause problems with bunny tummies too. It is not at all good for them Hope the litter change and vinegar ideas work

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