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Last Post by staceyb at 8/10/2012 8:34 AM (9 Replies)
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7/31/2012 10:09 AM
Okay, here's the situation. we have a sweet bunny, he's very a good bunny. but he WON'T use the litter box. well, okay, it's a hit and miss.  he uses it sometimes, and we think 'oh, he's trained!' only to find out he changed his mind. we've had a litter box in every corner on the room. he's peed next to the litter box, has actually moved the box over to pee on the carpet (he prefers the carpet)  The other issue is the fact he also insists on peeing on my 9yo bed. our former bunny had the run of the house (died) but he didn't have the chewing issue (this one likes wires ) so he has to stay in my 9yo room.  but he pees on the bed. what's up with that? at first i thought it was spraying, but the box is empty, i think it's peeing.  (yes, i do know he needs to be fixed..would that help with this a lot?) our rabbit cage is very small, and i hate to have him cooped up in that all day.  our other bunny had the full hop-around experience, so i would like this one to have it too. any suggestions? 

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Hillsboro, Oregon
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7/31/2012 12:31 PM
Having him altered will help a TON. Part of hte peeing everywhere is likely markign his territory, which will lessen after he doesn't have those pesky hormones to deal with

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8/01/2012 12:28 AM
Is $55 a good price to get a male rabbit fixed?  That is through the SPCA.

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Hillsboro, Oregon
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8/01/2012 1:49 AM
That is an excellent price. It costs around $150 here to neuter a boy. Make sure you get pain meds for him after, it helps their recovery

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8/01/2012 4:59 AM
I would also check out the habitat section for advice on litter boxes. I know you had another rabbit that had good litter box habits so you know how to set it up but maybe this new bun is different. Most rabbits are different in what they prefer and if you look at that thread you can see that everyone has had to figure out what works best for him. I would also consider making him a larger cage/pen if you could so you don't feel bad if it takes some time for the hormones to settle and for him to become potty trained. Sometimes they need to start in a small area and gradually allow them more freedom so they keep those good litter box habits intact.

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Hudson Valley, NY
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8/01/2012 5:51 AM
Getting him fixed will help a lot. $55 is extremely cheap - it is $350 here. Just make sure that price includes pain meds and appropriate testing. Sometimes vets quote a very low price, but then charge more for the other necessary things, so make sure you're prepared for the whole cost.

Keeping him away from the bed will help too. Some bunnies just can't resist peeing on something soft that smells like us.
- Elrohwen

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8/02/2012 2:31 AM
I would also work on finding him a good bunny-proofed space to call his own in a central family area. The problem with having buns in bedrooms/kid's rooms is that it tends to cut them off from the rest of the family. What are your housing plans with him?
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8/02/2012 9:10 AM
He might not like the litter either. My 4-yr-old rabbit was 2 when I got him. The shelter said he wasn't/wouldn't use a litter box. They were using a different litter than I had for 6 yrs with my first buns. When I took him home, he went right into his new box and used the bathroom. He has never gone outside of it! He loves the litter! (Carefresh)

Oh, and my first rabbit loved the litter fluffed up. He likes his patted flat (otherwise he will dig like crazy at it, because it doesn't feel right). So, so picky...

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8/10/2012 8:33 AM
Good news I have a blocked off space in the bedroom for 'just him' (away from that bed! ) and laid a tarp down (any kind of carpet defeated the didn't do that) and at first he took the edges of the tarp and pulled on it (lol ) but once he figured out he couldn't get it up he was fine. i blocked off the area in the closet he liked to pee in (put multiple stuffed animals over it, and a suit case (at first i used just a suit case, and he conveniently figured out the suit case was empty and squeezed by it, pee (or spray) i piled something over it. haven't had an issue with that since he doesn't chew on the tarp, so no fear of that!

Also, i went and got a bigger litter box! i pretty much do not have the car long (walmart is about all i can do) so i went and got a big flat plastic container, newspaper/half timothy hay. loved it! jumped right in and started chomping and peeing no accidents since! after about a week in there..kind of funny, i don't think he really remembers coming out. he hops out..a little shy..and doesn't go anywhere near that bed! will have to get him fixed, though.. keeps jumping on our poor cats, lol.. thanx for all your help!

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8/10/2012 8:34 AM
forgot to add, he has his own little 'window' too.. when i come in, he peeks his head up, 'excuse the window so i can lay in the sun..please' a lot less demanding than the cats

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