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7/29/2012 9:58 AM


I'm new to bunny keeping and I just got a beautiful lil bunny (Wookie). Although I we're getting the hang of litter box training, Wookie still does lots of poos while he sits on our laps (especially my boyfriends) We're trying to spot when he's going to go but he's too quick and seems to keep moving when he does his buisness. What is the best way of stopping this behaviour?

Thanks in advance!

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7/29/2012 10:07 AM
He just needs to learn that pooping is for the litter box, and if he has to go you want him to try for the box at least.
I would put a second litter pan near where you're sitting so he can have the option of using one close by. then take the poos he's made on your lap and put them in that pan as soon as they appear. If he just did it, scoop him into the litter pan too, and praise him. "Good boy!" Put a little hay in that pan for him to munch on so he will go there some more.

You want him to get used to pooping in a pan, and one of my bunnies needed this outer pan for when he was playing in another room and didn't want to make the trek back to his habitat. My current bunny, Sammykins, is very neat and she always ran back to her pan no matter where she was. It's most important for training to pee. Poos will become a regular decoration in your home over the years, I'm afraid.
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7/30/2012 6:48 AM
I agree on adding the extra litterbox. Also, is he fixed? That could help too. With my first rabbit, she was never perfect with litter training and would leave poos around (she wasn't fixed). So, I would only let her out before feeding her. It was easy to get her back to her room, by giving her breakfast/dinner. Also, I limited the run time at first, putting her back in her litterbox to try to go to the bathroom after playing for a bit. I treated her like I would a child being potty trained. Don't feed/drink a lot and expect no accidents. Force breaks-- sometimes they are having too much fun to think of stopping for the potty.