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8/31/2012 4:40 PM

Hi guys! My name is Kale.

I'm a 24 year old male living in British Columbia, Canada, working part time while also pursuing a career in graphic arts. I spent 3 years studying animation, art and design at the Art Institutes.

I've adored rabbits all my life, but only recently finally got the confidence to be a bunny owner. I spent an enormous amount of time researching pet rabbits, absorbing all the knowledge I thought I'd need to have a pet bun. Seriously, little did I know, it would never be enough! haha.. I've only had my new bun for about 4 days and he/she is constantly surprising me (baby is still too young to determine sex), and I am still finding myself researching things. I decided to join this forum because this seemed to be the place I found the most useful and thorough information, and I am confident that this community will be perfect for my newbie self.

 Now, onto my bun!

Bun's name is Moonpie. Moonie for short. Moonie is a 8 week old Ruby Eyed Albino Mini Lop:

 I think I really lucked out with this rabbit, this is seriously the most mellow, calm, friendly, loving bunny ever. I've only had Moonie for 4 days and I'm already getting sprawls, cuddles, nose kisses, binkies, licks and I've even been lovingly peed on a couple times during cuddling, haha! The only thing I am starting to suspect is that Moonie may be deaf, for I get absolutely no response to loud claps or "no"s when bun is being naughty and chewing on things. There seems to be absolutely no sound in existence that can startle this rabbit... Actually, this rabbit doesn't seem to be startled by much of anything. He even gets along really well with my 11 year old grumpy cat, haha.

I also have a video on youtube of Moonie "purring" while being petted. (you might have to turn up the volume to hear it, its nice and quiet like it should be)

Now, I realise since Moonie is only a baby that this lovely personality MAY disappear with sexual maturity, which is why I definitely plan to spay or neuter bun as soon as possible, if not only for the health reasons. Hopefully this also makes litter training easier, since so far bun seems to be too young to control where he/she goes, haha.

nice to meet you all

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8/31/2012 5:02 PM
Welcome to BB!! Moonie is super cute. This is a fantastic site for questions. And feel free to post more pics!

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8/31/2012 5:20 PM
welcome to BB!
cant wait to see more pictures

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8/31/2012 5:23 PM
Welcome to BB!! what a BEAUTIFUL BUN!!! congradulations on becoming a bunny slave!!! can't wait to see more pics!!
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8/31/2012 6:56 PM
Welcome to BB! Moonie is SUCH a little cutie!! =]

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9/01/2012 8:40 AM
Welcome to BB! I love to see rabbit owners like yourself who have educated themselves. She is gorgeous btw!

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9/01/2012 11:01 AM
Welcome to BB!! Your bunny is so cute!!

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9/02/2012 12:09 AM
I love that name Moonie! Perfecttt for his/hers colour !!! Mega cute! And that video awww =)

I also want to pursue a career in graphics design as i'm going into my 3rd year of graphhics at university! Excitements!

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9/02/2012 1:02 PM

Welcome to Binky Bunny!

What a little cutie! Love the name too! Very cute and original. I just love lops at that age, when they haven't grown into their ears yet!!!!

He looks and sounds just like my Bindi Loo. Bindi is nicknamed "the Teddy Bear" because he's so sweet and cuddly. He was like that as a baby too, so Moonie may not grow out of it.

Always great to meet other Canadian bunny lovers as well.

Don't they look similar? This is baby Bindi:


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